SWTOR Unsubscribe Option Missing for Some Players

If you’re trying to get into your account with SWTOR to cancel your subscription before the auto-renewal from the free 30 days, then you might be running into some problems. It appears that the “cancel subscription” button is missing for some players from their account pages.
Since tomorrow is the day of the billing for accounts thatare set to be billed after the free initial month that you get when youpurchase the game, there are some people trying to get in there and cancelthose before they get billed. Imagine their surprise when the option is notthere for them!
But before we start talking conspiracy theories, BioWare isaware of the problem and insist it was not intentional and that they are workingon it right now.
There are some posts about workaround options but BioWare isrequesting that if you have this problem, you call customer service to cancelyour subscription and get it all worked out:

If you are experiencing difficulties removing your subscription on our website,please call usfor further assistance.

Protocol DroidN5-L1 | BioWare Customer Service – Forum Support
If you signed up with Paypal:
Additionally, for those trying to unsubscribe, if you signedup with your Paypal account, you can just go into your Paypal settings and cancelthe contract this way.
Bioware has alluded that the problem may lie with certain browsers.Others have said that they found they did not actually have to set up asubscription to play when they first purchased the game (my husband did but Idid not). Those who did not set up a subscription have nothing to cancel in thefirst place.
But this brings up another problem- will we still be able to playafter the billing cycle goes through again? Better check your account and seeif you are subscribed or not- and if you want to be or not.

Lisa Clark

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