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Lies, damned lies and statistics: MMO subscription numbers and SWToR

MMO subscription number tracking is a challenging venture. Most developers are extremely careful when crafting public releases relating to how many subscribers their game currently has. For better or worse, these values are considered to be a measure of success (or failure) of our beloved games and tend to offer insights on subscriber trends. Typically one would read announcements about player base increases in official websites or fansites, while occasionally quarterly reports would indicate decreases somewhere in the fine print. Some recent examples include World of Warcraft’s increase to 7.4 Million subscribers  and SWToR’s announcement of having 1 Million subscribers since changing to the free-to-play subscription model. Some of the MMO subscription data MMOData.net used to offer At the same time, some community websites have attempted to track subscription numbers and offer clarity on the health of various MMOs. The most recent example is MMOdata.net that was probably one of the best community efforts out there….

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SWTOR Subs Stabilize at 1.7 Million

If you’re wondering how many people are actively still playing SWTOR, then recent numbers will interest you. While it’s a been a great month for BioWare with the launch of Mass Effect 3 and the continued success of SWTOR, the numbers show that SWTOR subscriptions have stabilized at 1.7 million. Massively reports: It’s also worth noting that, according to EA’s John Riccitello, the “vast majority” of these active subscribers have already used their 30-day trials, which means most of those 1.7 million subscribers are shelling out $15 per month to play the game. It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers change (or don’t) in the coming months, but for the time being The Old Republic seems to be doing BioWare proud. After the recently released news about patch 1.2 and Game Update 2 for SWTOR, I’m expecting we will see those numbers increase more. There is also the tell-a-friend…

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SWTOR Unsubscribe Option Missing for Some Players

If you’re trying to get into your account with SWTOR to cancel your subscription before the auto-renewal from the free 30 days, then you might be running into some problems. It appears that the “cancel subscription” button is missing for some players from their account pages. Since tomorrow is the day of the billing for accounts thatare set to be billed after the free initial month that you get when youpurchase the game, there are some people trying to get in there and cancelthose before they get billed. Imagine their surprise when the option is notthere for them! But before we start talking conspiracy theories, BioWare isaware of the problem and insist it was not intentional and that they are workingon it right now. There are some posts about workaround options but BioWare isrequesting that if you have this problem, you call customer service to cancelyour subscription and get it…

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