Kill Chewbacca & Han Solo with The Force Unleashed 2 DLC

It’s no secret that both Harrison Ford and writer Lawrence Kasdan wanted to kill off Han solo in the last act of Return of the Jedi. George Lucas was against it though, so Han Solo stayed alive, and got the girl in the end. Since then George Lucas has changed his mind.  Star Wars: The force unleashed II: Endor bonus Mission, let’s you – not only slaughter shit loads of Ewoks – you also get to cold blooded murder of Han, Chewie And Leia.

The video is below, if you needed something to scream “nooooooooo” at. I heard there’s also downloadable content which lets you play a character who looks like you as a child, and then an NPC who looks like George Lucas rolls in on a golf cart and rapes your character. Just what I heard.