The twisted mind of OneMinuteGalactica

The twisted mind of OneMinuteGalactica

Back in October we showed the hellerius fan movie “What to do on a space date” The movie was created by a user who calls himself OneMinuteGalactica. Now, If you are a Star Wars Fan like me, and like to surf around Youtube for funny movies, you must have come by OneMinuteGalactica quite often. He seems to be one of those hyper active producers that always put out new stuff. I had a quick chat with him the other day were he told me about him self:

I’m a huge fan of the original Battlestar Galactica and the original Star Wars trilogy. I started making videos about two years ago when I started watching YouTube videos regularly. Before that I never really watched much of them and thought the whole YouTube craze was kind of stupid. I think that video of “Darth Vader Being a Smartass” was one of my first inspirations for doing re-edits. Before that I didn’t really realize you could alter a scene to comedic effect so easily with just a few edits here and there.

Check out OneMinuteGalactica youtube channel here And check out my favourite of his movies below:

Once stormtroopers start talking about BT-16s, they’re oblivious to just about everything else:

Lasers are noisy. Thank you, Attack of the Show.

Obi Wan’s feeling a bit talky:

Nothing gets past Luke’s notice. Nothing:

Perhaps you could toss him a band-aid or some anti-bacterial cream:

A sports metaphor, or something. Madden’s voice by Frank Caliendo:

Star Wars – Longest Crash Ever:

A totally stupid and unnecessary sequel to the totally stupid and unnecessary one above:

This will probably be compared to that classic video with Darth Vader, but I noticed there were a lot of good reaction shots in this one scene and Luke closing the door was the only thing to focus on. So consider this a tribute to “Darth Vader Being A Smartass” with hopefully something original about it too.

There were two Battles of Endor that fateful day. This one involved a man and his monkey vs. a woman and her monkey:

Just two good-looking guys sharing a cramped office running the galaxy together:

It’s not just stormtroopers who can’t shoot straight: