Inside Two New First Order Vehicles from the Last Jedi

The Last Jedi game had a lot of expectations as the storyline was rumoured to have some of the biggest twists and more importantly was said to have explained about the mysterious “The Force”. One of the astonishing things in Star Wars movies is the vehicles. Some of them are massive and require heavy designing capabilities and creativity.

The details of two new war vehicles are from one of the preferred UK online casino which has a diverse collection of handpicked mobile slots, various casino games and much more from the leading game developing titans. Dreadnought warship and AT-A6 are massive structures capable of eliminating a lot of forces in few seconds.


It falls under the Mandator IV – class ship and is equipped with two humongous cannons and 24 point-defence anti-aircraft field guns on its rear side. It stretches up to 7,669.72 meters i.e. 25,162.8 feet.

The art director and concept artist Kevin Jenkins have the credit for making Dreadnought a reality. He said that he works were directly coordinated with the director of the movie. It is also said that the enormous warship came into shape only during the post-production. He added that the main reason for them to create a new ship was because the story demanded it.

The director had issued some strict restrictions to the art director such as the surface of the ship to be flat along with cannons on it. It should be heavily armoured and should be bigger than the standard size of Star Destroyer.

Inspiration came from both the original trilogy and real world

Kevin Jenkins said that he looked at a lot of references to Episode VIII. The designs of the artillery used in World War ll and Korean War period were studied. But, the outcome was after multiple iterations. Both the director and Kevin believed in the concept of producing something with can cause impact by iteration-process. He would create a concept and discuss it with Rian and based on the discussion he would render the models.

At-M6 (All Terrain MegaCaliber Six)

Kevin and Rian had conversation starting from the basic of the walker. Ideas about its existence and purpose were analysed from its roots. The art director as said before studied about the transformation of the tanks from one stage to another and used the insights in creating a new type of walker.

He also revealed an interesting information about making this beast, he said he designed the posture and structure of gorillas. Since walkers were taken down by the snow speeders, everyone had the impression that walkers can be easily defeated.

To make it more powerful and resistant to snow speeders, a new design with better structural advantage and better defence mechanisms. He also stated that he didn’t make many iterations for it. He just made a design and director was pleased with it.

It seems that he is prouder of At-M6 than the huge Dreadnought in the design aspects, though immense hard work was required to bring them to the screens.