Star Wars Gambling

Star Wars Gambling

Star Wars gambling is not new. It has been a popular pastime in the galaxy for millennia. In fact, some areas of the Old Republic allowed gambling and by the time of the Clone Wars, there was a push from Senator Simon Greyshade to legalize it throughout all of the Republic. Gambling had a big effect on Galactic history, as many will recall. For example, Watto lost his slave Anakin Skywalker over a podracing bet and Lando Calrissian won (and later lost) the Millennium Falcon in games of sabaac.

Sabaac is a popular card game often played for high stakes. When played professionally, there would be a dealer to oversee the games. The game of sabacc used a deck of seventy-six cards featuring sixty numbered cards divided into four suits, and two copies of eight special cards. Each player is dealt two cards (sometimes five, depending on the set of rules in play at the table) which make up their hand. There are four phases within each hand: Betting, Calling, Shifting and Drawing.

Some popular forms of gambling in the Old Republic era include swoop racing, Pazaak, Dejarik, Holochex, Digotto, Ratts Race and Dueling Dice. In the Imperial Era, the following were popular types of gambling:

  • Binspo
  • Compmatch
  • Denebian Holochess
  • Imperial Commander
  • Jubilee Wheel
  • Lugjack
  • Magna-Shuffle
  • Podracing
  • Sabaac
  • Tregald
  • Blog racing
  • Zinbiddle
  • Swoop racing

As you can see, there was no shortage of gambling options in the Star Wars world. Many have wanted to see more gambling in Star Wars games but they are often left out due to legal reasons. If you are interested in some online gambling or slot games yourself, you should check out, a great source for all of your favorite games and online gambling. It’s not sabaac but it’s still a lot of fun!