The Top Online Slot Games for Star Wars Fans

If you like the heat of the battle brought by the Star Wars films and you’d also like the chance to win a high cash payout, online casinos have the perfect solution.

With so many different themed online slots popping up on online casinos, it is no surprise that there are now plenty to appeal to fans who like a little historical or sci fi war action. Sites such as are home to a whole host of progressive games which provide you with a high-intensity gameplay experience coupled with stunning graphics and the ability to play from wherever you are. With so many of the games now compatible for play on your Apple or Android device, all you need is an internet connection to make your stake and play.

We’ve found the best online slot game which brings you as close as the action as you can get which is available for play in the UK right now. We’ve also taken into consideration the Return to Player Rate (RTP), bonus features and gameplay experience of the game before declaring it as the ultimate slot for Star Wars fans to turn to. Even though every online slot game may work from the same principle based on the traditional land-based games there’s an infinite amount of options for players looking or a unique gameplay experience. Whilst it may have been the case in the past that online slot games didn’t provide the same progressive experience as other modes of gaming – there have been a fair few game changers along the way. With some of the simpler slots, you’ll get the opportunity to win in 5 different ways. However, for those looking for a more strategic gameplay will want to look out for the games which offer them over 1000 different ways to win.

Barbarian Riches Online Slot Game

Barbarian Riches is definitely as close as you’re going to get to Star Wars action through an online slot game. Amuzi gaming aren’t one of the biggest names in the online slot world, yet, given the design of the 5-reel game, they are one of the strongest contenders in the video slot market right now. The solid graphics qualities of the game is something which definitely carries through their fantasy-themed online slots game as players saw with other slots such as Fantasy Garden. With the game, you’re given the opportunity to assign characters for your own unique gameplay experience; which is not something that is common with online slots. Surround yourself with warriors, Barbarians and all manners of battle-themed symbols which all contribute to the visually immersive experience.

Alongside the theme and graphics, the fact that there are 1024 unique ways to win the slot machines contributes to the popularity, and the popularity doesn’t look set to peak at any time soon! However, for those who are new to online slots, or would just like a simpler gameplay experience, there is the option to limit the amount of pay lines. Whilst there are many ways to win, in terms of max stake amounts, Barbarian Riches is fairly restrictive. With the maximum bet amount sitting at just £7.50, the game may not be for you if you’re looking to cash out with the life changing payouts. Yet, on the flip side, anyone looking for a casual enjoyable betting experience which doesn’t cost the earth you’re sure to have hours of fun. Players are also able to place stakes from as little as £0.01. Yet, the top playing line can reward players with up to 1000x times the original stake amount.

During the enthralling gameplay experience of Barbarian Riches, you’ll encounter wild cards – in this slot game they appear in the form of Barbarians which crop to substitute symbols on the second and fourth reels, making it that little bit easier to cash out big. However, unlike with many other slot games the wild doesn’t have the power to multiply the jackpot. Yet, in place of flashy wilds there are plenty of free games sections which are repeatedly reported as one of the best parts of the game by players. All you have to do to enter one of the free games is collect three of more Lord Snake characters when spinning the reels. When this happens, lucky players are awarded to twelve free spins.

There really are very few better options to take you through the prehistoric action than Barbarian Riches. Whilst the game may lack some basic features such as the auto spin option which allows you to sit back and watch the wheels roll for a predetermined set of spins there are plenty of other features which makes up for it.

Additional top features include:

  • No download required. You can play for real money or download for free – either way, playing Barbarian Riches costs you nothing apart from the stakes you want to place.
  • Sound effects – if the graphics didn’t bring you close to the action, the pumping medieval soundtrack to the game certainly will.
  • Progressive gameplay – although the game may not require as much strategic planning as the rebel alliance, it definitely pays to pay close attention on the reels and make the most out of your stakes once you’ve spun the reels.
  • Free spins – whoever said nothing in life ever came for free? All you need to do is be lucky enough to land three special symbols to play for free for the next 12 spins.

New to Online Slots?

If you’re new to playing online slot games and are looking for a little extra info before you place your money on the game, make sure that you’re familiar with how the games work.  Most websites will make it easy for you to see if the game is suited to you as they will allow you to run through the game in demo mode until your confident enough to place the bet. You can find a 101 on how to play online slot games here. By going through the 21-step guide you’ll maximise your chances of winning the slots and make sure you have fun while doing it.