Star Wars Battlefront Has More Players Online on PS4 Than PC and Xbox One Combined

Star Wars Battlefront has not been out very long and it looks like the PlayStation 4 is doing better than both the PC and Xbox One, when you look at current online players in Star Wars Battlefront. Surprisingly, the amount of current online players on PlayStation 4 is more than PC and Xbox One combined.

Star Wars Battlefront Online Players

PC: 19,889 (24h peak: 49,871)

Xbox One: 50,573 (24h peak: 110,817)

PlayStation 4: 98,254 (24h peak: 187,286)

There are a possibility of a couple of reasons why the PlayStation 4 has more players than the Xbox One. PlayStation 4 has the biggest market share at the moment and EA had an exclusive deal with Sony.

What is the most surprising is that PC players don’t seem to be as interested in Star Wars Battlefront. Maybe PC gamers aren’t very big fans of games that come from EA.

The accuracy of the numbers will vary from the time of this writing because they are updated every five minutes and are gathered together directly from EA’s servers. These numbers are straight from each and every platform.

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