Playing SWTOR with the Xpadder Controller

Playing SWTOR with the Xpadder Controller

We’ve talked before about playing SWTOR with a controller. Have you seen the Xpadder? Has anyone tried playing with it yet? We know that playing with a console controller is not how SWTOR was created and that for some gamers, this just feels “off” but there are many who just love the feel and control of  these handhelds and for those players, there are some options, with the Xpadder being one of them. But how do you make the controller do all the things you get with a full sized keyboard in the game?

A Reddit user had some good advice for using the Xpadder:

So a couple of months ago i found an xpadder profile made for SWTOR. I decided to test it out with my Dualshock 4, and to my surprise it worked surprisingly well. It takes ALOT of time getting used to, no doubt. But once you get the hang of it, and actually know which buttons to press without getting confused, it gets alot more enjoyable to play. Atleast for me since i prefer controller over mouse and keyboard.

Keep in mind, i doubt this have any advantages over other players in PvP, and avoid it all costs if you’re playing Huttball as you may end up getting the ball, and having raging teammates for unsuccesfully delivering the ball. It’s difficult with clicky skills, that gives you a field to place.

Here’s the profile Also here’s some tips

  • Numbers are skills
  • R1 and R2 enables either Shift or Alt which is combined with the numbers. Keymap your quickbars 2 and 3 in preferences.
  • Tab switches target
  • L1 activates the cursor.
  • L2 left clicks

You can change the layout and controller as this is only mapped to dualshock 4. Unfortunately i can’t credit the original author to this file, as i don’t remember where i found it.

You may note if you read the original post that he comments on the community complaining about playing SWTOR with a controller in the first place. His intent was to give some tips on how to use the controller, rather than spark a debate about whether or not one should use a controller to play SWTOR. But as our regular readers will know, here we like debate. So feel free to open up the conversation in the comments however you choose.

Do you have any tips for using a controller to play? Is there another that you like to use over the Xpadder? Think the whole darn thing is stupid? Let us know!

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