Star Wars collection – steam sale ends May 6th!

star wars steam sale

Steam I having a sale on all Star Wars games this weekend. The sale ends on May 6th.

Each game is also on sale for 66% off. Sale prices in US as follows:

So just over three bucks is a pretty safe gamble for almost any kind of game. I’m a little disappointed that the games are all 66% off, the package is 66% off, however, the Jedi Knight collection is full price at $19.99. Obviously getting them all separate is cheaper during the sale ($11.17), but I would’ve liked to get the pack at 66% off.

I think that Dark Forces I is basically a doom clone set in the star wars universe. Dark Forces II is similar but with improved graphics, engine, and gameplay, and you play as a jedi. While you get a lightsaber and jedi powers, you can play using mostly just your guns except for when fighting other jedis. Mysteries of the Sith is an expansion using the same game assets and continues the storyline. The two later games involve rpg elements such as leaning towards the light or dark side, and customizing your force powers. Gameplay is still rather similar to doom (you can use keyboard controls just like doom, or use the wasd/mouse configuration), with plenty of weapons, health pickups, and fast movement (ridiculously fast if you sprint and use force speed at the same time). Puzzles are relatively light and easy enough. Level design varies a lot from level to level.

Personally, I found the game very fun and played through them dozens of times, though I was pretty young at the time and had nothing else to play. I’d recommend looking at some gameplay videos though, the game doesn’t exactly age well, though for a single dollar you wouldn’t have much to lose by buying it.