SWTOR: Light side / Dark Side event info comming Thursday

The official SWTOR forums have been going nuts over the upcoming LS/DS event, so Community Manager Musco had to take on the forums today to clarify some of the details for this event event. Check it out below:

LS/DS Event info? | 06.21.2016, 12:44 PM

Originally Posted by Toraak

It’s a week away when the LS/DS event starts, are we going to get any detailed information about it before the 28th?

Hey there! Yup, there are details coming before the event starts. The current plan is to announce the detailed breakdown of the event at the end of the week, most likely Thursday.


Possible Tease of New Companion? – Light and Dark Side Event | 06.21.2016, 12:48 PM

I am torn on whether I should answer the question, or let the speculation continue

New is the key word. We will not be bring back an existing character such as Jaesa for this event.


LS/DS Event info? | 06.21.2016, 01:02 PM

Originally Posted by Savej

Someone needs to say that diplomacy mission rewards aren’t gonna affect this…

Diplomacy Mission rewards are not going to affect this.

Again, stay tuned later in the week and we will reveal all of the details of the event, how it works, the rewards, etc.