New York Subliners Major IV – What to Expect

In the Call of Duty Esports scene, things continue to heat up ahead of the CDL Finals. As you know, the CDL Stage 3 Major tournament was held in June 2022. Now we have Stage 4, the last major, as of July 2022.  Before the big CDL final, teams must pass one final exam. Because at the end of the season, there are the CDL Playoffs and finally the Grand Final where the best team of the whole season will be determined.

Besides, only 8 teams can participate in the CDL 2022 Grand Final. For this, teams need to collect as many points as possible from now on. Also, we would like to add that only the 8 teams that managed to collect the highest points in the regular season will be invited to the CDL Playoffs. 

We can say that New York Subliners, which we will review today, is exactly on the border. Regardless, they have to excel in Stage 4 major or their Playoff dreams may be dashed. Moreover, if you are ready, let’s take a look at the details of our article and take a look at the performance of the New York Subliners team.

What’s Happening in New York Subliners Regular Season?

To be honest, things are not going well for the New York Subliners. Looking at the Regular Season scoreboard, New York Subliners ranks 11th out of 12 teams. However, we want to say that although the situation seems bad, there is still light.

First of all, the New York Subliners suffered some unexpected defeats in their Stage Major series. With these defeats, we can say that the team has almost reached an impasse. However, with the third place in the Kickoff Classic, the team managed to believe in itself again. 

However, despite all this, when it comes to tournaments where they can collect points, the New York Subliners continued to lose matches. Now they have the Stage 4 Major ahead of them and if they make it, they’ll be able to make it to the CDL Finals. Moreover, let’s take a look at the Regular Season standings.

Point Table

1Atlanta FaZe260
2OpTic Texas225
3Seattle Surge175
4London Royal Ravens150
5Toronto Ultra140
6Boston Breach130
7Los Angeles Guerrillas125
8Los Angeles Thieves120
9Florida Mutineers110
10Minnesota RØKKR110
11New York Subliners70
12Paris Legion20

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New York Subliners CDL 2022: Can they win the Stage 4 Major?

 When we look at the CDL 2021 season, we see that the New York Subliners are playing great. In other words, their performance was high last year and they succeeded. There is no obstacle for them not to succeed again. In 2022, there were some problems with the 2 new changes they made to the Team roster. But now the chemistry of the team has settled and they can play as a team. We also saw what the NYSL was capable of after playing as a team. If you don’t know, we would like to remind you that they beat Los Angeles Thieves with a clear score of 3-1 in the final of CDL 2022: Pro-Am Classic. Furthermore, let’s take a quick look at NYSL’s achievements throughout the two seasons.

  • 1st – Call of Duty League 2022: Pro-Am Classic
  • 3-4th – Call of Duty League 2022 – Kickoff Classic
  • 2nd – CDL 2021: Stage 4
  • 2nd – Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 3 Major
  • 3rd – Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 1 Major

 When we look at the results, they can achieve serious success whenever they want. There is also one more small note that we should mention. NYSL has to be first to qualify for the CDL Playoffs. If they manage to place second or third, they have a chance to qualify for the CDL Playoffs due to points difference.

New York Subliners Player Roster

When we look at the staff of New York Subliners, we see young talents between the ages of 20 and 22. Furthermore, with players just beginning to rise on the CDL Esports scene, the NYSL can achieve a lot. Moreover, Ian “Crimsix” Porter is managing these young talents as IGL.

Crimsix is ​​29 years old and is an American professional Call of Duty player. Crimsix, whose CDL career was full of success, managed to become the champion with Atlanta FaZe in 2020. He also won titles at CWL Las Vegas, CWL Championship 2017, and Call of Duty Championship 2014. In short, we can say that Crimsix’s Call of Duty history is full of championships.

 Let’s take a look at NYSL’s current roster together.

  • Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez
  • Ian “Crimsix” Porter
  • Paul “PaulEhx” Avila
  • Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley

Final Words

In today’s article, we entered the CDL Esports scene. We touched on what the New York Subliners can do at Stage 4 Major. It looks really tough. However, as players, we can say that the NYSL is ready. They can make it to the CDL Playoffs by gaining some serious success in the Stage 4 Major, increasing their score. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you do not miss the CDL Stage 4 Major in July 2022. Because you can increase your viewing pleasure by doing CDL betting with high competition and excitement.

Finally, before we bid you farewell, we recommend that you take a look at an article we wrote on on why the Esports Industry is so popular. Happy reading and bye for now.