SW:TOR Meet and Greet in Los Angeles during E3

David Bass, Senior Community Coordinator posts on the official forums about the “meet and greet” for SWTOR fans in LA:

Hi everyone,

Since E3 isn’t open to the public, we’re considering holding a meet and greet in Los Angeles during the expo so that fans who are in the LA area can meet up with us one night and chat with the developers. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to have the game playable at this meet and greet, but you’d get a chance to chat with those of us who’ll be at the show, and hear about some of the cool things that are happening inside E3.

We’d like to get a better idea of the size of group we’re looking at for an event like this, though. If you’d be interested in coming downtown one night between June 6-9 to meet up with the SW:TOR team, let us know in this thread!


So the dedicated fans at the SWTOR forums proceeded to do just that and follow up with where they want to see the team visit. So if you won’t be attending E3 but you’re going to be in the LA area, this is your opportunity to get up and close with team members from SW:TOR.
David closed with:

Thanks so much for the votes and the feedback, everyone! I think it’s pretty clear that a meet and greet is definitely doable at E3. I’m going to close this thread and get to work on planning something. We’ll post again once we have details to share.

And one final note for those of you considering dropping everything and flying into LA for this meetup: It’s really exciting to see all the enthusiasm towards this, but keep in mind that we’ll be doing plenty more events this year around the world, most of which are open to the public. You may want to hold off so that you can come to a public event and actually play the game. Just a suggestion.

So there you have it folks- will you be at the meet and greet in LA or will you wait to see if they make a visit closer to where you live?