Early Access Developer Chat with Best Buy

Best Buy is trying to connect with gamers more than ever before and SWTOR might bring them that opportunity. The big box electronics retailer is trying to outdo smaller operations and specialty stores like GameStop for some time now. Fans of SWTOR had a great opportunity today, thanks to Best Buy.
To help celebrate the beginning of Early Game Access, Best Buy hosted a developer chat with Game Director James Ohlen, Writing Director Daniel Erickson and also Lead End-game Designer Gabe Amatangelo. It all happened at 7pm Austin time on the Best Buy site.
If you missed it, the transcript is now available to help you catch up on the details.
Here is a snippet:
Guest-197: What is your deployment schedule for future content?
Gaming-BBY: >>James: We’re going to have a regularly cadence with our content updates, but we’re not going into specifics. Updates will include Flashpoints, Operations, Warzones, Solo Content, Additions to existing systems and brand new systems. 
speedracer1half: What day and time during the week does the servers reset the content?
Gaming-BBY: >>Gabe: We’ll be resetting Operations on Tuesday mornings.
Guest-280: How ill the cover system work in 8m flashpoints or w.e the raids are namd
Gaming-BBY: >>Gabe: We’ll be resetting Operations on Tuesday mornings.
Guest-184: What are the key points of The Old Republic that you feel set it above all other MMOs?
Gaming-BBY: >>James: We feel that the elements of Story, Choice, Cinematic Presentation, Companion Characters, Dynamic Fast-paced Star Wars Combat, and Multiplayer Dialogue all make The Old Republic stand out amongst other MMOs.
Guest-1131: I have a question regarding world PvP and moving forward. I was wondering if there are any/plans for any world bosses, designed for large groups of max level players, Maybe on a random timer that drop raid(or operation) tier quality loot? In the past (in other games) I’ve had a lot of fun when fighting over these bosses with other players/guilds more so than control objectives. 
Gaming-BBY: >>Gabe: We currently have World Bosses with artifact loot that (players can fight over these on PvP servers) in the open worlds. We are considering adding more to various other locations including potential Illum and Outlaw’s Den. 
Check out the full transcript for more.

Lisa Clark

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