Intergalactic Intel: Building A Community


Intergalactic Intel: Creating a community

“So the class previews are done?” My brother asked me as I began typing out the next week’s article.
“Yeah. We’ve gotta get ready for release.” His eyebrow raised.
“Really? Like what?”
“Podcast, reviewing the spread sheets on, recruiting the empire team for world bosses…” Even I was surprised about the amount of work we had to do.

Welcome back to Intergalactic Intel! I apologize for another late blog post, but I do come bearing something else! The first ever Galactic Transmission! I hope those of you who are in early access are enjoying. This week we’re talking about how to create an awesome community. Thus far we’ve covered a ton. But this week I’d like to look at a project. A project that requires everyone’s help.

I’m talking about building a community. One of the reasons World of Warcraft has lasted so long is it’s amazing community. Sure trade chat isn’t the greatest, but when you go in search of something more you can find it. For example, The Priest and Warrior dedicated forums on World of Warcraft have an incredibly tight community. With daily, talk about nothing threads, to constant competitions amongst each other and of course teaching new players.

If The Old Republic is to succeed this holiday season we as it’s players need to follow these steps to help it rise as a strong game:

1). Kind and constructive feed back:
Not everyone has the experience of AQ40 or Heroic Ruby Sanctum. It takes only five more minutes to explain something to someone, to point them in the right direction, whether it’s to or to the right dps rotation on, just be kind with your words and tell them how they can be better.

2). Be an active member:
Now general chat can be rather frightening, but if you see them discussing your favorite band, or start an interesting conversation, join in. See some fun topics on Join. Being an active member helps build the community. Sitting around not saying anything is like sitting in the corner at a party. Get in there and do something!

3). Invite your friends
So you have an awesome guild? You see a bunch of people are going to start a ruckus with the opposite faction on Hoth? Invite some friends to go mess some people. The more the merrier!

4). Bring your A game
When you succeed and do awesome, people want to remember you. They’ll add you to their friend’s list, ask you to run another heroic, or flash point. Playing your best is a great way not only to make yourself and your guild look good, but a great way to make some friends.

5). Don’t be afraid to make the first move
It’s just like dating, have confidence. If you see a bunch of people LFG for a certain flash point, be the brave person and start the group. If you see people looking for PvP, ask them to join you. Sometimes a bit of confidence is all you need to make a few friends.

I’ll see you guys next week, when launch arrives. I can’t wait to start playing and meet some of the readers. I’ll be on Nadd’s Sarcophagus, Galactic Republic! Good luck to all of you and may your early access/launch be a huge success! May the force be with you.