SWTOR Game Review by Capsule Computers

We’re all about bringing you SWTOR news here and part of that involves capturing the opinions of others. If you play, you have to decide for yourself how you feel about the game but it’s still good to hear what other players have to say about the game. Do you have complaints? Maybe someone else has the same complaints?

Are there things you love about the game? Maybe others feel the same. Still haven’t bought the game yet? Then reviews may have an even bigger impact on you.

Capsulecomputers.com has a few things to say about SWTOR as it stands now:

“Star Wars: The Old Republic follows the individual tale of each player character inhabiting the game within the games universe. This means that players will get a more personalised experience from the games story, unlike other MMORPGs that seem to skimp in this department.
Using the warring galaxy as a backdrop, the game thrusts players on a personal quest that is, while similar for each class, personal to each player. I found that the story experience is enhanced by the fact that there are other players playing alongside you and that they can influence the way your story progresses (to a degree).”
Do you agree with the writer’s take on the story? Do you feel like you’re receiving a personal experience when playing the game?
The review ended with this remark:
“Star Wars: The Old Republic is probably THE defining Star Wars video game from a character based stand-point (X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter is the definitive space combat SW game in my opinion) and as such should be played by every Star Wars fan immediately. The subscription costs are negligible in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the greatness of this game.”
How do you feel about SWTOR? Would you agree that it’s one of the greatest Star Wars video game so far and that it’s well worth the price? Are you disappointed with the game and waiting for improvements in some areas? Would you recommend it to a friend?

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