Bioware teases with details about “Shadow of Revan”, new playable race, solo Flash points and more!

Massively, Hyperspace beacon, MMORPG and Ten Ton Hammer were treated to a unique opportunity by Bioware recently. During a livestream, lead writer Charles Boyd, producer Bruce MacLean and Game director James Ohlen shared more information about what’s coming to the latest SWToR expansion.

Some of the highlights included:

  • There will be a Patch 4.0 – there are more stories to be told (and probably more expansions in 2015)
  • SWToR development is speeding up – expect to see more exciting announcements after the release of Shadow of Revan
  • Patch 3.0 might expand to other locations other than Yavin IV and Rishi
  • Togruta will be the next playable race and will be a Cartel Market item
  • Solo flashpoints confirmed – A droid companion will be available to carry players through tough fights
  • Class missions return – you can now play your unique class mission story

SWTOR_Shadow_of_Revan_Screen_05 SWTOR_Shadow_of_Revan_Screen_02




Read the details right here as they were covered by the respective fansites: