Ohlen Shares Details of SWTOR Legacy System

Lots of people are talking about the SWTOR Legacy System and I have to admit myself that it is a pretty cool implement to the game. I have seen far too many people (on my server, at least) trying to abuse it by creating names that are in violation but other than that, I really like the idea of it and the concept itself.

But if you have questions about the Legacy System, you are not alone. Due to this, James Ohlen took some time to sit down with the guys over at GameSpot and answer some questions about the Legacy System now and plans for it in the future as well.

Here’s a snippet:

GS: In terms of the legacy system, how much can you say about the features we can expect out of that? 
JO: So the legacy system, it’s kind of inspired by the fact that the family dynamic is so important in the Star Wars movies. You have Luke being Anakin’s son, the most famous father-son relationship in movies. We wanted to have a system that encouraged players to create alts and to play the game through the different story paths. So the legacy system is meant to do that. It essentially allows you to, instead of just having a bunch of alts that have no relation to each other, you can actually create a family tree where your alts can be related to your main character, either as, you know, a sibling, a son, a father, a family friend, or a husband and wife.

He goes on to talk about how you can choose the relationship your characters will have with each other and how you will gain legacy points and levels which unlock abilities and perks. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Lisa Clark

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