Players Created a Premature Oceanic Server with Guild System

Gamers often go a long way to get what they want and this story from Massively explains just what some SWTOR fans will do to get their server to play on. We are never lacking for creative and ingenious gamers who find workarounds for all of their problems and issues.

The early lack of Oceanic and Asian servers led some players to get creative and find their own method around it, using BioWare’s own system to their advantage.

Many MMOs have unofficial servers for regions and rulesets, but pulling them together can take an incredible amount of work and still end up halfway done. However, Oceanic and Asian players wanted to make sure that they all rolled on the same server right on launch day, so guilds began to get in contact with each other and use BioWare’s own guild registration system to link Republic and Empire groups together in an Oceanic “daisy chain.” Because the system was designed to put as many allied and adversary guilds together on a server, the entire daisy chain was planted on a NA west coast server, Swiftsure. In one smart move, the Oceanic and Asian population had their own place to call home.

The story of Swiftsure as a temporary refugee camp for these players is coming to a close, as SWTOR is officially launching overseas on March 1st — and the population will be offered a free transfer to the new servers. Still, it goes to show you just how inventive players can get.

Image via massively

Lisa Clark

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