Known Issues in Game Update 1.5 and Maintenance later today.

As it often happens after a new patch, BioWare will take  down the  servers for an unscheduled maintenance window starting at 2AM CDT. The team also made a forum post regarding issues that they are currently investigating.

Edit:  Servers are now back up. Here are the patch notes:

1.5.0a Patch Notes



  • The first level of Legacy experience boosts no longer grant more experience than intended.
  • Resolved an issue that could allow consumables to not be consumed as intended.

 Below is a coopy/paste of  all the issues. You can also follow it over at the official forums here.

Hello everyone! We appreciate you joining us to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and we hope you enjoy the game. As MMORPGs are large and complex projects, inevitably we do discover issues that may affect gameplay. We’re working constantly to fix anything that will affect the player experience, but for now this is our current list of high priority in-game known issues. Please note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all bugs that the developers are working on. Also, we encourage you to report any issues that you do not see on this list via the in-game /bug feature.

Below are

UPDATED: November 15th, 2012


  • There is not currently an indication for Free-to-Play players to inform them that their characters are not able to use guild repair funds.
  • While using looping emotes (such as /dance), players may be unable to open certain containers or unlock abilities.
  • Preferred Status Players are given an incorrect message indicating their maximum number of GTN sales.
  • Free-to-Play Guild Leaders are currently not able to view default rank permissions.
  • If players have selected “Hide Head Slot”, cinematics will briefly display helmets before they disappear.
  • Some emotes may have incorrect voice overs or display the wrong text in the chat window.
  • If players join a group conversation via holocall, their preset mood emote will not function and cannot be set.
  • French and German versions may be missing proper text for tooltips, item descriptions, vendor tabs, or titles.

Cartel Market

Classes and Combat

  • Attacking pets from the opposite faction will cause abilities to have incorrect animation.

Crew Skills

  • Once players convert to Subscriber Status, extra Crew Skills are not unlocked automatically. Players must go into the Cartel Market and select which skills to unlock. Players will not be charged for these unlocks after subscribing.
  • When sending multiple companion characters on the same mission granted by a Mission Discovery, only the first mission will be successful and duplicate missions will be consumed.

Companion Characters

  • If players give a gift to their companion but then unsummon the companion before the cast bar is complete, the gift will disappear and no affection will be granted.
  • Khem Val’s weapon is not visible when sheathed.
  • Companion Lightsaber glowing may persist in some circumstances after the companion has been dismissed.
  • Gault: When the ability “Volley” is activated manually by the player, the channel bar will only appear briefly and the ability will cancel early. When it is used by Gault automatically, the channel will work properly.
  • Companion conversations will not trigger properly in the Drunkard’s Vote Cantina on Coruscant.

Group Finder

  • Players who disconnect while their group is in the Group Finder queue will not receive random rewards as intended after completing Group Finder content.

Flashpoints and Operations

  • Operations phase entrances will not change from orange to purple for players who purchase Weekly Pass: Operations while in a group, but the pass will be in effect.
  • The timer for resetting a Flashpoint phase does not reset after 5 minutes as intended.
  • Flashpoint: The Foundry: Players will experience a client crash after the conversation with Helm Officer Martos. This only occurs in Hard Mode.
  • Operation: Explosive Conflict: The “Protected” buff may remain on Ugnaugh Machinist longer than intended.
  • Operation: Explosive Conflict: The reticle for the Hover Tank ability “Charged Burst” may incorrectly disappear after it is disspelled.
  • Operation: Terror From Beyond: During the encounter with Kel’Sara, the “Mark of Death” ability will not be visible by players with a Graphics Quality Preset of “Very Low”
  • Operation: Terror From Beyond: Recognizer and Regulator’s targeting reticles may not display properly when players are standing on the outer (blue) circle of the encounter’s platform.


  • If players are on a mission step that requires them to return to their Capital World (Dromund Kaas or Coruscant), using the Legacy ability “Priority Transport: Capital World” will not properly update the mission step.
    Workaround: Players must return to their ship, leave the Capital World, and then return by means other than the “Priority Transport: Capital World” Legacy ability in order to advance the mission.

Missions and NPCs



  • Section X: The Shackle Remote mission item from [DAILY] March of the Dread Guard is incorrectly displayed in the Mission Log for [DAILY] Hyperbiology and [DAILY] Targeted Misfire.
  • Section X: Lost Reconnaissance: Slaying the Voracious Tuk’ata does not grant intended progress towards the mission step “Defeat Wild Beasts.”
  • Section X: March of the Dread Guard: When attempting to use the Shackle Remote mission item on Trandoshan Prisoners, players are incorrectly given an error that should indicate that the item is only usable on Gammorean and Trandoshan Leaders.
  • Section X: March of the Dread Guard: The mission step for “Return to the Mission Dropbox” does not have a mapnote.

Class Missions


  • Dreadtooth’s debuff “Electrified” incorrectly displays as a buff on the UI.
  • There is not currently a tooltip for Dreadtooth’s “Shriek” debuff.
  • Currently, the Imperial Fleet does not have a Quesh Commendation Vendor
    Workaround: Imperial players must travel to the planet to spend Quesh commendations.


  • Players who have reached Valor Rank 100 are not properly promoted to Operations Leader in Warzones.

Items and Economy

  • Attempting to use the Cargo Hold: Addition Bay item without first unlocking it gives an incorrect error message.
  • The Advanced White Hawkeye Crystal incorrectly requires Artifact Equipment Authorization.
  • Player weapons will remain unsheatehed/unholstered when using the Carbonite Chamber.
  • The tooltip information for Ball Toss is incomplete.
  • The Elegant Loungewear bottoms currently have an incorrect icon in the Cartel Market
  • When purchasing the Czerka Patroller Speeder from Barik on the Republic Fleet, players will not be given a confirmation box before purchasing.
  • Adding or removing a crystal does not update the credit value of the items as intended.

Space Combat

  • Ship armor and shield values do not update as intended when hovering over the UI.
  • The proper visual effect will not play for Sith Warriors when shields regenerate.
  • Engine trails from the back of ships are not displaying properly.
  • Hypori Escort: Players may incorrectly receive a success message when failing the mission.


  • Free-to-Play and Preferred Status Players may be unable to use chat channels upon reaching level 10.
    Workaround: Players can transition to a new planet or log out and back in to use General and Trade chat as intended.
  • The Focus Target Modifier does not function as intended.
  • Premium Players who are in a Free-to-Play guild are still shown some UI elements intended for Free-to-Play and Preferred Players.
  • Players who are unable to join a chat channel without the proper permission are not currently given an error message.
  • The “Hide Head Slot” preference will toggle off upon logout and will need to be rechecked.
  • Character Preview does not work as intended in Hard Mode Flashpoints.
  • The Preview Window does not work as intended in Section X.
  • The Preview Window may display incorrectly when inspecting other players with the Character Window open.
  • Some items appear with low quality graphics in the Preview Window.
  • Emotes are incorrectly categorized as “Toys” on the GTN.
  • The option to Enable Movable Secondary Windows does not properly apply to the Cartel Market.
  • When traveling from Section X, the Galaxy Map does not display travel fuel costs.
  • When using the Who List to report inappropriate player behavior, there is not currently an option to select a report category.
  • If a player selects “x” to cancel after choosing “Set Comment” on the Friends List, the button for “Set Comment” will become unusable.
    Workaround: Players can reset the UI by pressing CTRL+U twice to resolve the issue.
  • Online friends will sometimes display as offline on the “Friends” tab of the Social Window.
  • The Logout Window will not appear as intended if a player logs out while inside of a phase and in a group.
  • Anti-aliasing settings do not update to “High” when the Graphics Quality Preset is set to “High.””
  • Several tooltips in the UI Menu are do not display descriptions properly.