BioWare Meet and Greet

Exciting news is coming out about the GamesCom this year over in Europe. The Bioware developers are planning on having a “meet and greet” to allow people to get to know them a bit better. This is likely to be on the must-do list for all GamesCom attendees this year. What is even more important to consider is that the event may be RSVP only, though this has not been confirmed. Something as cool as meeting the guys responsible for developing Bioware is sure to be a hit.

Bottom line, you need to pay attention to Twitter and our website for more details as they come available so you know what to do to secure your spot. It is almost certain to be a hot ticket at such a huge event.

On Twitter, Stephen Reid (Rockjaw) said that the event would be on Friday night but gave no further details. Hopefully in the days to come we will get more details.

Bioware is on the cutting edge of every major development so getting a few minutes to say hi and ask questions would be an incredible treat. You might even get a peek into what is coming on the horizon from this great company!

The GamesCom convention is sure to be massive, so keep a close eye out for details so you do not miss out. The very last thing you would want to do is to show up the day of and not know what you need to attend this meet and greet. There is nothing for sure right now, so it may be simply a matter of showing up. Either way, we will bring you the latest as soon as it comes available.