Game Update 2.1: Customization Preview

Yesterday via the official Star Wars: The old Republic website, and via a mail  Emails sent out by BioWare  to all players, we learned about a new web page that gives a few bits of information regarding the customization options coming out in Game Update 2.1.

Summary of the new page are as following:

  • Cathars are happening in 2.1.
  • Appearance customization kiosks are happening on fleet, capitol worlds, and cartel market in 2.1.
  • Subscribers get an unspecified discount on appearance stuff in 2.1.
  • Stay tuned for more 2.1 info.

Nothing new, really, but we do get a few new screenshots. Check them out below:

swtor carther class 1
swtor carther class 3

swtor carther class 2