Paying for SWTOR Cathar Race?

The Cathar Race is coming to SWTOR in game update 2.1. We brought you the news previously but it seems now that there are some misunderstandings going around about how the race will be introduced to the game and why Bioware chose this method. Eric Musco, SWTOR Community Manager clears up some misunderstandings about the Cathar race coming to SWTOR: Hey everyone, There is clearly some frustration around this but I believe there are also some misconceptions about Cathar and our intent for subscribers so I wanted to hopefully clarify some of that for you. One thing we have stressed before and one thing we will continue to do with the Cartel Market is to use it for customization and convenience options. Another goal we have stressed for the Cartel Market is to not use it as a method for pay to win. Game Update 2.1 does introduce entirely new…

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Game Update 2.1: Customization Preview

Yesterday via the official Star Wars: The old Republic website, and via a mail  Emails sent out by BioWare  to all players, we learned about a new web page that gives a few bits of information regarding the customization options coming out in Game Update 2.1. Summary of the new page are as following: Cathars are happening in 2.1. Appearance customization kiosks are happening on fleet, capitol worlds, and cartel market in 2.1. Subscribers get an unspecified discount on appearance stuff in 2.1. Stay tuned for more 2.1 info. Nothing new, really, but we do get a few new screenshots. Check them out below:

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SWTOR Facebook Tease, Cathar are Coming!

BioWare updated there Facebook page with a new image. We are not supposed to fully understand what it is yet, but it’s already obvious it’s a picture of the Carhar species.  It’s not known yet how the Carthar Species will be unlocked, but many people are speculating that it will be via quest like HK-51 got unlocked, or maybe via reputation. Pretty sure it will be available on the Cartel market at some point also. Many people are questioning why this Species is so important to the Old republic lore.  The story is that the Cathar played a very important role in ending the Mandalorian wars and are being hunted into extinction because of it. Their entire struggle is based of the plight of an old religious sect the spanish inquisition hunted to extinction. One of the most moving scenes in the entire expanded universe to me was when Revan was on their homeworld (in the kotor comic series) and…

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