The perfect app to keep track of mileage with

The biggest challenge for those who need to track miles for the purposes of an IRS report to get money back from your employer, or if you are a small business owner. Some prefer to track miles in a traditional way, but it’s much more time-saving to use a mileage tracking app. How to choose the perfect app to keep track of mileage with?

How to keep track of mileage for taxes

Even though some may think the business mileage tax deduction process is complicated, using an effective app to keep track of mileage is quite easy and fully automated. That’s why there’s no point in tracking the mileage of your business trips in a traditional manual way in a mileage logbook or an Excel mileage log template.

Tracking business mileage in the manual will surely take you much more time than if you used an app, and what’s more, using such a template won’t automatically show you any conflicts that may result in an IRS fine. 

Investing in a mileage counter app will save you time, allow you to control business expenses on business cars, and keep control over the location of the drivers, and you won’t need to worry about the mileage rate, which thanks to the app you have direct access to. 

How to compare mileage tracking applications

Depending on what your job and position in the company are, you may find quite different functions to be useful for you. After all, working as a freelancer, you won’t probably be a rideshare driver to need a function of a common dashboard seen to all the users, but you will rather need a simple mileage tracker app. Let’s have a look and decide what is the best mileage app for mileage reimbursement.

The best mileage tracker apps in 2022

Let’s find out which mileage tracker app is the best in 2022. 

                    MileageWise          MilelQ           Everlance          TripLog

Average        $12,000               $6,500            $6,500             $6,300

Produces           yes                   yes                  yes                   yes
Mileage Logs

Creates              yes                  no                   no                     no 
Mileage Logs

Imports Trips     yes                  no                    no                     no   
and locations
from Google

Mass Distance    yes                  no                  no                       no

Built-In              yes                  no                  no                       no
IRS Auditor
for 70 Logical

Vehicle              yes                 yes                  yes                      yes

MileageWise’s advantages

There are so many features offered by MileageWise as a tracker app, and they are its advantages at the same time.  

In contrast to other apps, it’s the only app in the world that allows you to import your Google Timeline to make it an IRS-compliant mileage log. It’s also the only app with a built-in auditor for 70 logical conflicts correction, which helps avoid fines. Its common dashboard allows the employees and the employers to control where the vehicles are. Even if you forget about a trip, MIleageWise creates retrospective mileage logs.

If you feel persuaded, all you have to do is to download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. Pay for the subscription by Stripe, or PayPal systems, which will transfer money from your bank account for the subscription, but won’t store your bank card data.