Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Game Update 9/28/2016

Here is the latest game update for  Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes:
I’m excited to share this weeks update notes for 9/28/2016 Please note it may take up to 24 hours before you see the update on Google Play or the App Store. DOUBLE NOTE: Not all of these changes will be visible in game until all players are on the same version on 9/29. Players who have not updated to the latest game version will have their game automatically updated with the client restart on 9/29.

What’s New:

  • The Geonosian spy is now available in Cantina Battles Stage 4 Mission D
  • Achievements have been added for completing Cantina Battle stages
  • TIE Fighter Pilot is the new daily login character for the month of October
  • We have added MK 5 CEC Fusion Furnace and the MK 6 Nubian Design Tech to PVE shipments

New Event Type, Squad Tournaments, allow players to compete for prizes including characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars™ Story.

Both the Defensive and Offensive squad require this number of characters.

  • Squad Tournaments limit players to one use of each character, rewarding a diverse roster. Every 24 hours the characters are refreshed automatically, but players can also refresh characters with crystals.
  • Players earn points in combat for each enemy unit they defeat and earn bonus points for their surviving units. These points scale based on the difference in cumulative points between the player and opponent.
  • Players are ranked based on cumulative points and receive rewards based on rank. The rewards scale based on the players level grouping.
  • In Tournaments, the retreat button has been replaced with an “End Battle” button, which allows the player to end the battle early and receiving points for defeated enemies. This is meant to cover an edge case where an infinite stalemate occurs.

Improved Character Filtering!

  • Now players can filter by category in the characters screen. (ex. Just show me Droids)
  • Filter and Sort selections throughout the game are no longer a cycling toggle, but rather a popup window to more quickly select desired filter
  • Arrowing between characters in character details will only display the filtered characters making comparison of characters much easier
  • All preexisting filters remain and new ones have been added
  • Additional Sort criteria added to the characters screen (ex. Sort by Speed)
  • The event timer is displayed under the “Event Active” Icon as a quick reference for the length of the event


  • In some instances, a player who did not enter messages in chat would not receive any messages from other players
  • Fixed an issue where the Multi Sim button in campaigns would look active even though you couldn’t sim
  • Navigating to unit details from a squad edit screen will now retain the current squad configuration when returning via back button.
  • Fixed issue where refreshing events would only visually update a single mission to show that it was no longer on cooldown. Now will refresh the entire list.
  • Fixed an issue with the Yoda icon displaying on home screen if you’ve already completed the event
  • Fixed an issue where starring up more than one character in a session would sometimes not complete during the 2nd or later run through of the animation sequence.
  • Battle tooltips now sort above other UI elements
  • Corrected issue that would sometimes allow non dark characters to be used as an ally unit in dark side campaigns
  • When applying taunt to a currently stealthed unit, the unit no longer retains the stealth shadow visual effect.
  • On mission list items “REFRESH” text now shows instead of a timer when you can refresh daily action caps. “COMPLETE” now shows if there are no more attempts before the challenge or event ends.
  • The Stealth transparent effect has been fixed to always display when a unit enters stealth
  • Stealthed units who receive a taunt lose their stealth as well as the visual effects for the stealth
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Daka’s Unique ability to continue reviving allies after she has Escaped a Raid battle.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Escape to be available immediately to units entering Phase 4 of The Pit raid
  • Adjustments have been made to Power calculations to more accurately reflect percentage-based statistics from Mods in addition to statistics that equally affect two other stats (e.g. Offense affecting both Physical and Special Damage).


  • We’ve upgraded from Google Play Services version 4.1.32 to 9.4.0 for Android
  • Players can upgrade themselves, or if they have auto-update enabled on their devices, they should have already gotten the new version
  • If the user has an out-of-date version, the game will prompt them to upgrade at startup.
  • This prompt will then take users to the Google Play Store listing for Google Play Services.
  • Please note that failure to upgrade will result in non-functional platform services (authorization, purchasing, etc.)
  • Tenacity Down has been improved to reduce Tenacity by the same amount that Tenacity Up increases Tenacity