Display Name Only Log In – Coming April 2, 2013

Display Name Only Log In - Coming April 2, 2013

BioWare posted a new article earlier today regarding future login detalis.

More security is always a welcome change. Too many people reuse passwords against the same email account. A few years ago BioWare’s Never winthers night website got hacked an all user data was stolen. When there is a new website that gets hacked, and loses a massive list of email addresses and hashed passwords (that get cracked) enterprising people from certain geographic locations take those and run them across multiple logon services, generally games, and see if people are stupid enough to use the same password on multiple services. They are. So, switching to to Display name makes this a little harder.

I may or may not know a little about this particular situation and it DOES make things more secure, they should never have used email as the unique identifier in the first place. Anyways. Check out the article below or over at the official website.

Display Name Only Log In – Coming April 2, 2013

Please be aware that beginning on April 2, 2013, logging in to the game or website will require your Display Name. Email addresses will no longer be accepted; your Display Name will be the only accepted option.

This new change to the log in procedure is being implemented for several reasons. This change increases the security of our game authentication system, which helps continue to keep the game protected from many security threats including account takeovers.

In case you do not know your Display Name, simply:

  • Log in to www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com
  • Your Display Name will be shown on the top right-hand side of the website homepage.

You can use your Display Name for logging in to the website and game starting immediately and we encourage you to do so. We value our players and we want you to know that the continued security of your account is our top priority.