SWTOR 5.0 Class Changes – updated to PTS #5

Jedipedia have updated the 5.0 class changes article to the most recent PTS patch. Also, by popular demand, they have added new sections at the end of each each advanced class’ section. There, you can find the abilities sorted by level, and all utilities grouped by tier.

MAJOR CHANGES FROM PTS #3 to #5 (Imperial versions only for brevity)

  • New Operative ability at level 38: Toxic Haze (PBAoE attack that will also stun weak/normal enemies). In the healing spec, this ability becomes a GTAoE with a 30 meter range. The Scoundrel equivalent is called Bushwhack.

    Toxic Haze
    Energy: 15
    Cooldown: 15s
    Executes your Tactical Advantage to drop a canister that fills the vicinity with poisonous gas, dealing X internal damage to up to 8 enemy targets within 8 meters over 6 seconds. The haze stuns standard and weak enemies for 6.1 seconds.

  • New Mercenary ability at level 66: Responsive Obviation (defensive cooldown with reflect and self-heal, can be used while stunned) The Commando equivalent is called Echoing Deterrence.

    Responsive Obviation
    Cooldown: 2m 0s
    Activates an advanced response system that absorbs all incoming direct single target damage for the next 6 seconds, reflecting 50% of the absorbed damage back at the attacker and healing you for 5% of your maximum health each time an attack is absorbed. Can be used while stunned.

  • The new Sorcerer utility Enfeebling Lash (that turns their basic attack into an immobilize) is now on a 15 second cooldown, up from 6 seconds.
  • The new Carnage Marauder ability Gore is now a 1.5 second cast, no longer an instant.


  • The Operative raid buff Tactical Superiority is now learned at level 66 (up from 56). Sorcerers and Mercenaries still receive their raid buff with level 56; Marauders still receive theirs at level 44.
  • Scoundrel utilities have been converted into the new 4-tier layout. Operative utilities still follow the old 3-tier layout.
  • The Juggernaut utility War Bringer now also allows Hew to be used at any percentage during the Force Charge proc; previously it only affected Vicious Throw.
  • The new Sniper utility Fortuitous Bedlam now procs for every target except the first, instead of for every two targets.
  • The new Sniper utility Counteroffensive Safeguards now mentions the duration (20 seconds) while you receive damage reduction.
  • Darkness Assassin tanks get to keep their Depredating Volts ability; the change we reported previously has been reverted. Here’s what happened: Since Assassin lose Force Lightning (which is the original ability that Depredating Volts replaces), the devs first tried to change Depredating Volts into a new instant ability called Discharge Darkness. However, it now appears that this was only for testing and Depredating Volts will stay unchanged.

For the full changes (including Republic equivalents and cosmetic changes), see the patch notes at the bottom of the linked article.