SWTOR Patch Notes 8/16/2011 Posted on Reddit

Yesterday a user over on Reddit posted SWTOR Patch Notes (with possible spoilers) for readers to enjoy. 
It’s pretty interesting and something you won’t see unless you’re in the beta (or have a friend inside) but it gives us some good little tidbits about the game.

The post reads as follows:

Welcome to Star Wars: The Old RepublicEvent 8/18: Space CombatOn Thursday at 7:00PM CDT, head to your personal starship and try out Space Combat! 
Watch for in-game Sever Admin messages during the event for further instructions. We’re looking forward to your Space Combat feedback on the Testing Forums!
Notice: This server is now a PvP Server.Weekly Focus This week, we’re looking for specific feedback regarding: Companion roles and UI Space CombatPatch Notes 8/16/2011
General Several server and area stability improvements have been implemented.
Classes and Combat 
  • Alacrity rating now properly decreases activation and channeling times. This is reflected on the Force or Tech tab of the Character pane.
  • Sith Inquisitor Bug Fixes 
  • The mission that grants an Advanced Class is now single-player only.
  • Companion Characters Bug Fixes
  • Companion Characters now only heal themselves, group members, and the player controlling them.
Missions and NPCs 
  • A Dangerous Auction: Upon completing this mission, missions to visit Tatooine and Alderaan are properly granted. 
  • Grathan Assault: The respawn time of the Grathan Experimental Warbolt has been adjusted. 
  • Honor Regained: The elevator associated with this missions now functions correctly.
  • Legacy: This mission can now be completed.
  • Ancient Secrets: Upon completing this mission, missions to visit Taris and Nar Shaddaa are properly granted. 
  • Battle for Corellia: The RH-1 Missle Launcher item can now only be used on the Imperial Colossus Droids. Chaos and Harmony: Map notes for this quest now function correctly for Jedi Consulars, and corrected issue that prevented the Senate Tower Meeting Console from spawning.
  • Race the Devil: Upon completing this mission, missions to visit Taris and Nar Shaddaa are properly granted. 
  • Suicide Mission: This mission can now be completed. 
  • The Forge: Conversations during this missions no longer have blank dialogue options.
  • The Promenade on Nar SHaddaa is now flagged as PvP Sanctuary, preventing players from engaging in PvP combat while in the area. If you are already on Nar Shaddaa, you will need to leave the planet and return in order for this to take effect.
User Interface
  • Players are now informed when they must wait until they are no longer flagged for PvP.
  • Players can now see group members on the WOrld Map and the Mini-map.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Taxi windows from opening.Bug Fixes Combat audio no longer “stutters.” Fixed a bug that could cause the Chat System to stop working. Fixed a bug that prevented the mail system from functioning correctly.

Info via Reddit.