SWTOR: Pending Bug Fixes – GU 5.2.2

Here is a list of the bug fixes we can expect with Bioware has posted a list of bug fixes we can expect for patch 5.2.2.

Hey folks,

One of the things Keith mentioned in the Roadmap is that we want to work on enhancing Communication with you, especially around the future. As a part of that plan, approximately 2 weeks before each Game Update I will post a thread with a list of currently planned and confirmed bug fixes. Once that list is live I will post updates every few days as I get more information. This thread will become a living list of bug fixes that are slated for the next Game Update.

A few important caveats:

Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have any questions about how this process will work. Here are the initial bug fixes for 5.2.2:

  • Players who defeat the Infernal Council in the Eternity Vault will now receive the “Defeating the Infernal Council” Achievement as intended.
  • When purchasing a mount from the Cartel Market the player will no longer receive the message “You already own this item” unless they actually own it.
  • Players can no longer see group chat after leaving or being removed from a Group Finder group.
  • Players who finished Iokath who are unable to summon Elara Dorne or Malavai Quinn can now use the Companion Locator Terminal to retrieve them.
  • *Spoiler* Redeemed Arcann will now appear in the Odessen Base after completing Chapter 9 of Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • Killing Yadira Ban in The Black Talon Flashpoint will no longer drop Item Rating 200 gear.
  • The Taspan Ambush Space Mission is once again available via the Galaxy Map.
  • Multiple decorations have had their name corrected to properly reflect their Sand People origins.
  • The Apprentice Force-Lord’s Practice Staff is no longer invisible while sheathed.
  • The Mystic’s Polesaber now uses lightsaber mods as intended.
  • Major Valor Boosts which are rewarded from Encrypted Datacubes are now bind on pickup.
  • Multiple MTX mounts will appear more zoomed out in the preview window.
  • Players who abandon the Mission “Facing the Machines of War” are no longer blocked from reacquiring it.
  • Corrected an issue where players could get more than 8-players onto their team in Warzones.
  • The Kurtob Alliance Speeder has received its long overdue tune-up and once again moves at the proper speed.
  • When queueing for a Warzone, the user-interface no longer states that the player will receive Warzone Commendations as a reward.