SWTOR Patch 1.2 Changes Confirmed by Devs: Guild Summit Update

Patch 1.2 (coming in March/April) will be huge! This is the largest free game update likely in MMO history. This is the kind of stuff you’d see in a paid expansion from Blizzard. The talk is that this was originally how the game was supposed to be launched but that BioWare was pressured by EA to get the game out by a certain release date. The result- a game that was not quite ready yet and a HUGE patch incoming soon.

When reading and listening to info from the Guild Summit, you will hear a lot of rumors. Much of the information is mixed up or just not be relayed properly. If you’re a guild leader or an officer in your guild, make sure you take the time to ensure the right info is being spread in your guild.

First, there were changes, additions and updates that were confirmed by Devs to be in 1.2. Then there were other things that they labeled as “coming soon”. The latter will likely be here by the end of this year, “when the story is complete”, according to BioWare staff.

Confirmed 1.2:
  • New Gear sets
  • Match to Chest
  • Legacy System
  • Guild Banks
  • Broader UI Customization
  • Remove bag/quest reward system
  • Direct purchase of Gear/Commendations
  • 14 new objective-based medals in WZ
  • Vote to kick Idlers in WZs
  • Pre-Season rankings.
  • New “Neutral” Warzone
  • New Graphics Options
  • New Flash Point “The Lost Island (Kaon Pt. 2)”
  • New Planet “Denova”
  • New Operation on “Denova”
  • More Crafting BOE Items
  • Removable Armor/Barrels from epic Items
  • More social gear
  • Target of Target function
  • More Balancing Changes
Next we were all treated to the 1.2 trailer that had just been created in the BioWare studio that morning and it was awesome. For more on the trailer and what was covered in it, see this post.
Do you have any questions about patch 1.2 or the Guild Summit?

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