How to create your own SWTOR Podcast

Ever wanted to create your own SWTOR Podcast. It seems to be the hot thing these days. Personally I have a hard time going through some of the 75 min long monstrosities that seems to be really popular within the SWTOR community. That’s also the main reasons we don’t have our own podcast here at swtorstrategies. we do however post our favorite podcast – created by torwars – on our facebook page when they come out.

However… If you want to create your own podcast, the guys over at Mos Eisley Radio ( these guys also run a cool podcast that I recommend)  has put together a video overview that covers the basics of creating a podcast. A must see if you a new at creating podcast, or you are thinking about making one.

Easily the most common question we have received since posting the first episode of Mos Eisley Radio is “How do you make the podcast?” From deciding which gear is best to planning each individual show, a lot of effort has gone into crafting the final product that goes out every couple of weeks. We’ve been podcasting in some form or another since 2007, and in that time the equipment and methods have changed drastically. I can still remember rushing out to buy my first real microphone and interface, then struggling through the process of recording everyone and making the show sound like something worth listening to.

Read the full article here and check out the first installment below: