Guide to Maximize Ultimate Commendations (w/o doing HM 55 Operations)


This has probably been figured out by some, but I haven’t seen it written down anywhere.

This is a guide to maximize your Ultimate Commendations per week. This guide does not assume you are doing Hard Mode 55 Operations.

First, your Weekly Quests.

  1. Group Finder Weekly (12 Ultimate Comms)
  2. Complete 1 Classic Op (12 Ultimate Comms)

Next, do Operations on 16 Man Story, but leave up the last boss in SnV and TFB.

  1. Scum and Villainy 16 man Story (4 per boss + 12 for Weekly)
  2. Terror from Beyond 16 man Story (4 per boss +12 for Weekly)
  3. Toborro’s Courtyard 16 man Story (4 Ultimate Comms + 6 for Weekly)

Finally, finish up the last boss in each SnV and TFB through Groupfinder. Make sure you do this on different days, as Group Finder bonuses are per day.

  1. Scum and Villainy (10 Ultimate comms)
  2. Terror from Beyond (10 Ultimate Comms)

Doing this should get you 114 Ultimate comms without doing HM operations.

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