Transitioning to 64-bit: A New Era for SWTOR Players

Transitioning to 64-bit: A New Era for SWTOR Players

The Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) community is on the brink of experiencing the game like never before. With the recent transition to a 64-bit client, the SWTOR team has laid the groundwork for a series of exciting updates poised to enhance the gameplay experience significantly. This monumental shift not only promises improved performance and stability but also sets the stage for future content that will continue to expand this beloved universe.

Embracing the 64-bit Client

The move to a 64-bit client is a significant technical leap forward for SWTOR, offering players enhanced game performance and the ability to fully utilize modern hardware capabilities. However, as with any major update, there are a few adjustments and considerations players may need to make to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some common changes and issues identified during the testing phase of the 64-bit client:

SWTOR 64 Bit

Antivirus Alerts

With the update, some players might encounter alerts from their antivirus programs. This is a common occurrence as the antivirus software may not recognize the updated game client.

Solution: Players are advised to update their firewall and antivirus settings to allow the SWTOR app. This typically involves adding exceptions for the game’s executable files within the antivirus software.

Compatibility Settings

Another issue identified is related to compatibility settings, which may lead to players seeing an empty server list upon login.


  • Navigate to your SWTOR installation directory, and locate either launcher.exe or the swtor\retailclient\swtor.exe file.
  • Right-click on the file, select “Properties,” then click on the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Ensure that the “Run this program in compatibility mode” option is unchecked.

Game Launch Issues

Some players have reported issues with the game not launching after pressing the play button.

Solution: Installing specific Microsoft runtimes can help resolve these issues:

SWTOR 64 Bit Graphics do look FRESH!

FPS (Frames Per Second) Troubleshooting

Reports have emerged of players experiencing a locked frame rate of 60 FPS, despite selecting a different rate in the options menu.

Solution: To address this, players should select a different rate and then switch it back to their desired setting. This simple workaround can help reset the FPS setting to reflect the player’s preference accurately.

Looking Ahead

The transition to a 64-bit client for SWTOR is just the beginning of a new chapter for the game and its community. As players adjust their settings and familiarize themselves with the improved performance, the SWTOR team is hard at work preparing more updates that will continue to enrich the game’s expansive universe. This update not only demonstrates the team’s commitment to enhancing player experience but also ensures that SWTOR remains a vibrant and evolving world for both new and veteran players.

As the community embarks on this exciting journey, players can look forward to not just a smoother gameplay experience but also the promise of new adventures that lie ahead in the galaxy far, far away.