Queen Amidala Conquest

SWGOH: Queen Amidala Conquest Introduces Premium Pass with Ben Solo ShardsSWGOH:

The galaxy of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” (SWGOH) is buzzing with anticipation as the developers announce an exciting update for the upcoming Queen Amidala Conquest event. In a move that promises to enrich the gaming experience for players, the event will feature a novel approach to the Premium pass, offering former Conquest character shards as part of the rewards structure. This time, players have the unique opportunity to collect Ben Solo shards, a perfect chance to strengthen their teams with one of the saga’s most complex characters.

A New Twist in Conquest Rewards

Traditionally, Conquest events have been a way for players to engage in challenging battles, earn exclusive rewards, and enhance their roster of characters. However, with the Queen Amidala Conquest, the developers are taking a fresh approach by incorporating a former Conquest character into the Premium pass rewards. This innovative strategy not only adds value to the Premium pass but also gives players a chance to catch up or bolster their collections with pivotal characters from previous events.

Ben Solo Shards Up for Grabs

The highlight of the Queen Amidala Conquest Premium pass is undoubtedly the inclusion of Ben Solo shards. Known for his powerful abilities and pivotal role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Ben Solo is a character that can significantly impact a player’s strategy and team composition. The reward structure for the Premium pass is as follows:

  • Milestone 1: 5 Ben Solo Shards
  • Milestone 5: 5 Ben Solo Shards
  • Milestone 10: 5 Ben Solo Shards
  • Additional milestones at 1, 3, and 7 offer 10 Ben Solo Shards each, providing players with ample opportunity to unlock or upgrade this formidable character.

Strategize Your Way to Victory

With Ben Solo shards on the line, players are encouraged to strategize their approach to the Queen Amidala Conquest. Forming a synergistic team that complements Ben Solo’s abilities could be key to dominating the battlefield. Pairing him with Rey, for instance, can unleash a powerful duo that embodies the Light Side’s resilience and strength.

Conclusion: A Conquest Worth Conquering

The Queen Amidala Conquest and its Premium pass rewards represent a significant opportunity for SWGOH players. By introducing Ben Solo shards into the mix, the developers have not only upped the stakes but also provided a pathway for players to enhance their collections with a character of legendary prowess. As the event approaches, players are gearing up for what promises to be an engaging and rewarding Conquest, with the chance to forge an even stronger team with the addition of Ben Solo.