Blue Milk from Star Wars Universe Now Available by TruMoo

Blue Milk from Star Wars Universe Now Available by TruMoo

In a move that’s sure to delight Star Wars enthusiasts around the globe, LucasFilm has announced the launch of an official blue milk product, bringing a beloved element of the iconic film series from a galaxy far, far away straight to fans’ glasses. This new addition to the Star Wars merchandise lineup, part of the “Imperial March” range, is produced by the milk brand TruMoo and features a captivating package design with Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader.

A Taste of Tatooine

Blue milk, a staple in the diet of Tatooine residents, first made its appearance in “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” notably in one of the film’s opening scenes. This fictional beverage has since become a symbol of the Star Wars saga’s rich and immersive universe. LucasFilm’s statement describes the product as “delicious vanilla-flavored milk” with blue food coloring, set to hit the shelves on April 17.

From Screen to Reality

The journey of blue milk from a cinematic prop to a tangible product is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Star Wars franchise and its ability to inspire real-world creations. Mark Hamill, the actor behind Luke Skywalker, once shared his less-than-stellar experience with the original blue milk used during filming, which was a “long-life milk” with a warm, sweet, and oily taste. In contrast, the new TruMoo version promises a more palatable experience, combining the novelty of the beverage with the familiar taste of vanilla-flavored milk.

Beyond the Beverage

The release of blue milk is part of a broader initiative by LucasFilm to expand its range of official merchandise, dubbed “Imperial March.” This initiative not only brings fans closer to the Star Wars universe through culinary delights but also through collectibles like the newly announced Millennium Falcon 50p coin by the Royal Mint, featuring Star Wars coins and bullion bars.


The introduction of blue milk by TruMoo offers Star Wars fans a unique way to immerse themselves in the saga’s lore, providing a taste of the distant planet of Tatooine. As LucasFilm continues to explore new avenues for bringing the Star Wars universe to life, fans can look forward to more innovative and exciting products that celebrate the franchise’s rich history and enduring appeal. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing drink or as a collectible item, blue milk stands as a testament to the cultural impact of Star Wars and its ability to inspire generations of fans.

Novara Skuara

When I was 7, I saw Star Wars: A New Hope in theaters a week after it opened. My parents were nice enough to take me and I have been a fan of Star Wars and almost all science fiction in general. I am an amateur writer who has been published for contributing flavor text to a RP game. I also have a copyright on a novel I hope to be able to publish sometime soon.