SWTOR: Upcoming Maintenance and Fixes

The guys over at Bioware Austine, will be  deploying a patch next Tuesday december 18. to fix the numerous bugs with Patch 5.10.

Check out the news:

Hey folks,

Quick update on the status of our next patch. There are some key issues that were introduced in 5.10 that we want to address next week. The current plan is to have a patch no earlier than next Tuesday, Dec 18th. Look for a post on Monday with a status update on timing.

Here are the issues we are tentatively looking to fix (standard disclaimer that this is still subject to change):

  • It is no longer possible for characters to be left with no Main Story Mission after completing “Inflection Point”.
  • “Flesh and Steel” will now track kill progress for the entire Operations group on R8-X8 and Kil’Cik as intended.
  • Characters who reunite with Dark Side Jaesa will no longer have her Influence set to 1. Dark Side Jaesa will once again accept your Companion Gifts.
  • Characters who acquired Dark Side Jaesa prior to 5.10a have had her Influence rating restored to their pre-5.10 values.
  • Characters who reunite with Light Side Jaesa on Ossus will no longer receive the Dark Side Jaesa Alliance Alert.
  • The lightsabers equipped to Darth Malgus and Tau Idair are now Bind on Pickup as intended (previously Bind on Equip)
  • The [Weekly] Masterwork Data Crystal is now available on all days of the week, not just Tuesday.

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the bugs that we intend to fix following the release of 5.10. We will likely have more bug fixes in January and February. This is just to clear some of the more major/blocking issues.

Thanks everyone! Look for more details on Monday.