Discover the Cast and Crew of Star Wars Skeleton Crew

Discover the Cast and Crew of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Ever wondered what the next big thing in the Star Wars universe is? Well, brace yourself for “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew,” an upcoming series that promises to deliver an unforgettable galactic adventure. Set to release on Disney+ in late 2024, this series follows the story of four children who get lost in the vast galaxy and embark on a thrilling journey to find their way back home. Let’s dive into the fascinating details about the cast and crew making this series a reality.

Meet the Cast of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Meet the Cast of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Jude Law – The Leading Star

Jude Law, a seasoned actor known for his versatile roles, takes the helm as the lead in “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.” His character is a mysterious Force-user who plays a crucial role in guiding the young adventurers through their perilous journey. Law’s charisma and acting prowess are expected to bring depth and gravitas to this new chapter in the Star Wars saga.

The Young Adventurers

The heart of “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew” lies in its young cast. These talented actors are set to bring fresh energy and perspective to the series:

  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong: A rising star, Ryan is known for her roles in “American Horror Story” and “The Glorias.” Her role in Skeleton Crew is highly anticipated, showcasing her talent in a new light.
  • Robert Timothy Smith: This young actor is making waves with his engaging performances. His addition to the cast promises a captivating presence.
  • Ravi Cabot-Conyers: Known for his charming roles in various TV shows, Ravi’s inclusion adds a dynamic element to the young crew.
  • Kyriana Kratter: With her impressive acting chops, Kyriana is set to bring a unique flair to the team of young adventurers.

Supporting Cast

  • Tunde Adebimpe: A versatile actor and musician, Tunde’s involvement in the series is sure to bring an interesting dynamic.
  • Kerry Condon: With her strong acting background, Kerry is expected to add depth to the storyline.
  • Jaleel White: Best known for his role as Steve Urkel in “Family Matters,” Jaleel takes on a new challenge as a pirate in the series.
Star Wars directors featured at a Skeleton Crew event.

The Creative Minds Behind the Series

Jon Watts and Christopher Ford – The Visionaries

Jon Watts and Christopher Ford, the creative duo behind “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” are the masterminds steering “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.” Their vision is to blend the nostalgic essence of classic coming-of-age adventure films with the expansive Star Wars universe. This unique approach promises to create a series that appeals to both young audiences and long-time Star Wars fans.

Executive Producers

  • Kathleen Kennedy: The president of Lucasfilm and a veteran producer, Kathleen’s experience ensures that Skeleton Crew will maintain the high standards of the Star Wars franchise.
  • Jon Favreau: Known for his work on “The Mandalorian,” Jon’s involvement guarantees a seamless integration of Skeleton Crew into the broader Star Wars narrative.
  • Dave Filoni: A key figure in the Star Wars universe, Dave’s creative input is invaluable in maintaining the series’ authenticity and appeal.

Directors and Writers

The series boasts a lineup of talented directors, including Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, David Lowery, Jake Schreier, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Lee Isaac Chung. Each director brings their unique style and storytelling expertise to the series, ensuring a diverse and engaging viewing experience.

The writing team, led by Christopher Ford and Jon Watts, is dedicated to crafting a compelling narrative that captures the adventurous spirit of the Star Wars universe while exploring new themes and characters.

Filming for "Star Wars: Skeleton Crew" began in September 2022 in Los Angeles

Production Insights

Filming and Technology

Filming for “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew” began in September 2022 in Los Angeles, utilizing cutting-edge StageCraft Volume technology and traditional matte paintings. The blend of modern and classic techniques ensures a visually stunning experience that pays homage to the original Star Wars aesthetics.


With Andrew S. Eisen as the editor, the post-production process is in capable hands. Eisen’s previous work on “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett” highlights his expertise in the Star Wars universe, ensuring that Skeleton Crew will be polished to perfection.

Spaceship landing in forest at night, people observing.


What is the release date for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew? “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew” is scheduled to be released on Disney+ in late 2024, around Christmas.

How many episodes will the series have? The series will consist of eight episodes.

What is the premise of the series? The series follows four children who, after making a discovery on their home planet, get lost in the galaxy and embark on an adventure to find their way back home.

Who are the main actors in the series? The main cast includes Jude Law, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Robert Timothy Smith, Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Kyriana Kratter, Tunde Adebimpe, Kerry Condon, and Jaleel White.

Who are the executive producers of the series? The executive producers are Kathleen Kennedy, Jon Watts, Jon Favreau, and Dave Filoni.

Who are the directors involved in the series? The series features a talented lineup of directors including Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, David Lowery, Jake Schreier, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Lee Isaac Chung.

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“Star Wars: Skeleton Crew” promises to be a captivating addition to the Star Wars universe, combining the nostalgia of classic adventure films with the epic scope of a galaxy far, far away. With a stellar cast led by Jude Law and a team of talented young actors, alongside visionary creators like Jon Watts and Christopher Ford, this series is set to take viewers on an unforgettable journey. Mark your calendars for late 2024 and get ready to embark on a new adventure in the Star Wars saga.

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