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Star Wars Outlaws: Traversing Toshara’s Expansive Landscape

Welcome to the world of Star Wars Outlaws, where the adventure never stops, and the universe is your playground. The latest buzz around the game is the vast and intriguing moon of Toshara. What makes Toshara so special? Let’s dive into the details and uncover why traversing this moon is a highlight in the upcoming game.

Exploring Toshara

What Makes Toshara Unique?

Toshara, one of the moons featured in Star Wars Outlaws, is a sprawling landscape that promises players a rich and immersive experience. Creative director Julian Gerighty mentioned that it takes “4-5 minutes nonstop” to cross the moon on a speeder. While this might not sound like a lot, the sheer size and the number of distractions make it a significant area to explore.

Constant Distractions

One of the exciting aspects of traversing Toshara is the constant distractions. As Gerighty pointed out, players are always going to be distracted by the many elements the moon has to offer. Whether it’s engaging in combat, discovering hidden treasures, or interacting with NPCs, there’s always something vying for your attention.

Star Wars Outlaws: Traversing Toshara’s Expansive Landscape

The Scale of Toshara

Comparing with Other Worlds

To put Toshara’s size into perspective, it is described as a “little smaller” than Tatooine but roughly the same size as Akiva. However, the scale is not just about the physical size but how long it takes to traverse it. The creative director likened it to combining two to three zones from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, giving players a familiar reference to understand its vastness.

Traversal Time

The traversal time of 4-5 minutes nonstop on a speeder is a testament to the moon’s extensive environment. This duration allows players to engage deeply with the world, experiencing everything from the lush landscapes to the intricate details scattered throughout.

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Gameplay and Immersion

A Dynamic Environment

Star Wars Outlaws is designed to provide a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. Toshara’s environment plays a crucial role in this, offering various biomes and regions that players can explore. From dense forests to arid deserts, the moon’s diversity keeps the exploration exciting.

Kay Vess’s Journey

The story centers around Kay Vess, a space scoundrel planning the biggest heist in the Outer Rim. Toshara is one of the many locations where her journey unfolds. The moon’s diverse and rich environment is integral to the narrative, providing both challenges and opportunities for players.

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Star Wars Outlaws Overview

Game Launch

Star Wars Outlaws is set to launch on August 30th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. The game has already garnered significant attention, going gold earlier this month. With each reveal, the anticipation builds, especially with details like the vastness of Toshara.

Story and Setting

The game promises a gripping story filled with intrigue, danger, and adventure. Kay Vess’s mission to conduct the biggest heist in the Outer Rim places her against criminal Syndicates and the Empire, making every moment a thrilling experience.

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What is Toshara in Star Wars Outlaws? Toshara is one of the moons in Star Wars Outlaws, described as a significant and expansive location within the game.

How long does it take to traverse Toshara? It takes approximately 4-5 minutes of nonstop travel via speeder to traverse Toshara.

What can players expect while exploring Toshara? Players can expect a dynamic environment with constant distractions, ranging from combat encounters to hidden treasures and interactive NPCs.

When is Star Wars Outlaws releasing? Star Wars Outlaws is set to release on August 30th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

Who is the main character in Star Wars Outlaws? The main character is Kay Vess, a space scoundrel planning the biggest heist in the Outer Rim.


Toshara in Star Wars Outlaws is more than just a location; it’s a testament to the game’s ambitious design and commitment to providing a rich, immersive experience. With its vast landscapes and endless distractions, players will find themselves lost in the adventure. As the release date approaches, the excitement continues to build, promising a game that will be remembered for its detailed world and engaging gameplay.

Embark on this epic journey and explore the wonders of Toshara, where every moment is an adventure waiting to happen. May the force be with you as you navigate the intricate and expansive universe of Star Wars Outlaws!

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