KOTET Q&A/Wrap up Developer Livestream Coverage

Here is a Q&A wrap up from the developer livestream yesterday. If you didn’t see the livestream like me ( they are on pretty late, and I am in Europe) you can check it out below:

General Notes


Community Topics/Promotions

  • Character Transfers – Sale will run from Nov 29 to Jan 18. 90CC transfers. 150 CC for cross-region transfers
  • Rapid Recon Walker – Be a subscriber on Nov 27
  • KOTET early access – Be a subscriber from October 25 to Nov 27.
  • No pre-Fallen Empire companions will be coming back in Eternal Throne. They can allow you bring back companions you have killed off in the story via the terminal in Odessen if players want this.

Black Friday Sale


Eternal Throne Story Overview

  • The Alliance
  • Vaylin
  • Senya &Arcann
  • Valkorion
  • Two new planets: Iokath and Nathema. See backstory of Arcann and Vaylin in Nathema.
  • What is happening with Jedi/Sith will be revealed in the expansion and you will get visit some of the Capital Worlds.
  • Drew Karpyshyn was involved in writing all of the story chapters.

Repeatable Chapters

  • 25 Chapters from KOTFE and KOTET
  • New interface to launch chapters and change difficulties.
  • Story and Veteran mode at launch, Master mode to follow in January.
  • Choices from your first playthrough carry forward but you can try out new choices.
  • Veteran mode is available from your very first playthrough and scale to your level.
  • Veteran mode is balanced for mid tier end game gear and an Influence 20 companion.

Gameplay Innovations

Galactic Command


  • Uprisings are 4 player and intended to be fast paced
  • Five uprising comings with Eternal Throne
  • Accessible from anywhere through Galactic Command at level 70
  • Story and Veteran mode at launch
  • Master Mode and more Uprisings to follow early next year.

Dark vs Light

5 Year Anniversary Rewards


  • Vendor on fleet that sells them for 1 credit
  • Senya Holotrainer
  • Celebration Jawa. This Jawa counts for “That’s Just Wrong” achievement where you need to kill players with the Party Jawa out.
  • Stronghold decoration featuring the loading screens from each expansion and the original game.
  • Dromund Kaas/Coruscant stronghold will be 5 credits each.


  • No plans to have Command XP system to be legacy wide but they think it would be cool to have catch up mechanic for alts later on. If you want this, let them know on the forums.
  • Unused gear tokens in 5.0 will be converted to credits.
  • Uncompleted missions will be reset once 5.0 goes live.
  • Horizon Squad is a new group of Knights that are loyal to Vaylin.
  • No new strongholds in KOTET
  • The companion for DvL will be the light side Master Ranos companion.

Life Day Teaser

Class Changes/Animations

Class Animations Clip

General Combat Changes


  • Removing Phase Walk to tune down the mobility
  • High damage single-target skill on a 15s cooldown that is useable from stealth or within 15 seconds or landing a critical hit.


  • New Ravage/Blade Barrage animation. Changed from a channeled ability to activating instantly. Adds more mobility to the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight .
  • New ability for Vengeance/Vigilance Discipline. It replaces Vicious Throw/Dispatch and has a 30m range.
  • New ability for Carnage/Combat discipline. High damage ability that hinders the movement of your enemy and reduces their armor.


  • Gunslinger/Sniper: New ability which replaces Debilitate/Dirty Kick, allow you to stun a target from 10m away.
  • Operative/Scoundrel: Use Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand to do AoE damage for 6 seconds. The Medicine/Saw bones will be able to use this ability from 30 meters away.

Bounty Hunter/Trooper

  • Mercenary/Commando: New ability which absorbs all single target damage, reflect 50% of it and heal you for 5% of your health each time an attack is absorbed.
  • PT/Vanguard: New ability which replaces flame thrower/pulse cannon, which have been removed from the game.
  • PT/Vanguard: New ability which replaces death from above/Mortar volley, which are now mercenary/commando exclusive.
  • PT/Vanguard: New ability which replaces Explosive Dart/Sticky Grenade, which are now mercenary/commando exclusive.