Mr. Force in Balance Fashion Show on The Harbringer

fashion showA very unique MMORPG event was held recently on The Harbringer server by Force in Balance guild- a SWTOR fashion show. It sounds like it was a lot of fun and I definitely want to know when they’re doing it again so I can try to pop on and visit.

The leadership gave thanks where credit was due:

*Huge thanks go out to the ladies of <Force in Balance> for putting on such an exciting event:

-Vesayla -Lylah -Six -Tresse -Avelie

*Here’s a shoutout to Nytraz for FRAPS-ing and Omer for DJ-ing.

*And a huge and special thanks to Dulfy for serving as one of our guest judges!

*Congratulations to Mr. Force in Balance 2013, Rengi!

*Over 30 guild members attended this exciting event; we’re looking forward to putting on another show in the future.

fashion show 2

The first event was guild-only but due to the popularity, they plan future shows with non-guidlies invited to both participate and attend.

fashion show 3

You can see some of it for yourself here:

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