‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ 5 Features Fans Want Most: 2015 Release Date, Gameplay, Story, DLC And More

Star Wars Battlefront

As many of you know,  Star Wars: Battlefront  was confirmed to be showcased at Star Wars Celebration on  between April 16th and 19th of this year by EA and DICE. Fans don’t have very much information at all about Star Wars: Battlefront but let’s go over some aspects the game needs to have to really wow the crowd.

The Star Wars: Battlefront legacy is notorious for being a first person shooter style game and nothing else. Many longtime players will remember that both “Battlefield” games did offer players a choice between first and third person shooters. Many fans enjoy the option of this style of gameplay, so we think creators definitely need to include this in the game.

Fans of Star Wars: Battlefront typically love the multiplayer gameplay but we think creators need to focus on a more expansive story line as well. There have been a few rumors that suggests a complex single player campaign is being made for Battlefront. The question this leaves us at is what should the story include? Since the game is going to be releasing alongside Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we think fans would appreciate being able to play through some of their favorite moments of the new movie.

One of the major problems for this new generation of consoles is the bad state of multiple multiplayer games. Many of these issues can actually be traced back to Battlefield 4. When Star Wars: Battlefront does release, there cannot be any of these problems, and otherwise we think the game will fail miserably.

Because Star Wars: Battlefront is due to be released in 2015 we think it’s likely that EA has plans for a DLC game. Unfortunately, EA and DLC’s don’t have the best relationship in the world. EA has earned the reputation for being greedy when it comes to their DLC’s and we think to help preserve their image and show fans gratitude, part of the DLC should be free.

The last aspect to make the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront successful is to avoid delays in the release date. This seems to be a problem with many game launches these days and we understand that it’s sometimes necessary, but hopefully EA can avoid it this time around.