Sci Fi movie slots: capturing the attention of games creators

The online gaming industry has seen an increase in the production of movie slots with a particular emphasis on Sci Fi themed games. Online game producers are catering to a new audience of players who are interested in Hollywood movies and being able to see familiar characters while playing. The crossover from Hollywood to slot machine was a master marketing move that has proven to pay off.

Online casinos are now offering their loyal members the chance to play movie slots that are more familiar, more entertaining and theme specific. These slot machines cater to movie buffs who also happen to love online gambling. The high quality of movie-like graphics and visuals which are being used by online slot machine creators adds depth to the gaming experience and thus opens a new portal for new users to be entertained while they play. 

Players are now able to play alongside their favorite Sci Fi characters via their favorite gambling platform, elevating its fan base to a new dimension of engagement.

Why are they producing more Sci Fi casino games and slot machines based on movies?

An increase in demand for Sci Fi casino games and movie themed slot machines has interested creators especially when the interest in the genre happens to be Sci Fi movies with a huge following making the potential for new players enticing. 

The mainstream familiarity of certain Hollywood movies such as the Terminator, Matrix and Batman, means players are able to easily identify and relate to these movie slots which they then play with more frequency.

The fan base and following of these Sci Fi films significantly helps to raise the profile of the Sci Fi casino games, further increasing players’ interest and engagement. The diversity that movies are able to have from being on the big screen to now being on your computer screen is brilliant marketing

This new trend will only continue to grow as new movies emerge followed by new fans and new players which will expand the Sci Fi online casino market. The gaming industry has been able to benefit from the popularity of these movie themed games generating a loyal fan base and increase in players who become fans of these movie slots.

Popular slot machines based on movies

There are many existing slot machines based on movies, and some of the most popular movie slots are:

  • The Dark Knight Rises slot machine: if you love Batman then this movie slots machine is perfect for you. This game is, in fact, inspired by the movie “The Dark Knight”. Playtech, to be able to make this Gotham based slot, had to obtain the official DC Comics license. 

This slot is bigger than other online slot games. The distribution of symbols is quite unique and curious because there are five reels available, but the middle three have four lines, while the two on the side only have three. There are 576 ways to win and forty paylines in this slot, and it is not possible to pick how many paylines to bet on.

The design and make-up of this game allows players to be rewarded with free spins as well as bonus rounds. With the main character being the notorious Arnold Schwarzenegger players are able to have a different experience with this franchise special. Players are able to bet for real money to hit the jackpot or for free.

  • The Matrix slot machine: this movie themed slot machine highlights the legendary film that became a cult classic and continues to grow its fan base with each and every year that passes. The Matrix film created a renowned character and has been a gaming favorite for fans into online gambling because of the familiarity and popularity.

Online gambling leaders have witnessed over the years the growing interest in film-inspired games and the Matrix is no exception and has proven to be amongst those in demand. Blockbuster movies as we know tend to make great slot games and will continue to make popular slot games. 

  • The Justice League slot: if you love superheroes you will surely have heard of this slot machine. Graphics are really well cared for in every detail and the characters’ images are clear. It is a five-reel, three-line slot, so there are 15 symbols on the screen.

All the symbols are related to the main superheroes of the DC world such as Superman and Batman. There are a total of forty paylines, but you can’t choose how many to bet on. The amount of money played that goes back into the jackpot in this movie slots is over 96%.

Where to play these movie slots?

These popular slot machines based on Sci Fi movies can now be found on a global scale ranging from the US market to the various growing markets worldwide. It was only recently discovered that the demand for Sci Fi related movie slots and Sci Fi online casino games was on the rise. Since this discovery more gaming websites have decided to cash in on this trend. 

It’s not just the black jack or poker table that are cool these days, players can now channel their favorite character while also playing to win and this can happen on a worldwide scale with translations being available in multiple languages, for example here you can find the Italian version of the Italian slots. There is no limit to the availability of these websites allowing anyone with a secure wireless connection to be able to channel their favorite character while making some cash rewards.