Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Sith Faction Pass

The mobile game Galaxy of Heroes will a lot of changes to the Sith faction with this upcomming game update. The update was planned for yesterday, but due to technical issues it has been delayed untill futher notice.

February 14, 2017 7:39PM edited February 14

Hey Everyone,

We’re working on getting the update out today, but are currently running into a few issues. The update may be delayed 1 day to address these issues. We’ll share any updates we have here in the forums.

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you the changes we’re making to the Sith faction with this update. We hope you’re all as excited about these changes as we are!

Count Dooku
Basic: Hindering Press

  • Can now debuff non-Jedi, and chance to debuff Jedi is increased.
  • Omega: Can’t be Countered in addition to +15% Damage.

Special: Force Lightning

  • Chance to debuff increased.
  • Omega: 50% chance to inflict Shock in addition to +15% Damage.
  • Damage increased.

Unique: Flawless Riposte

  • ZETA: Count Dooku gains Critical Hit Immunity for 1 turn and recovers 10% Protection whenever he counterattacks.

Darth Maul
Leader: Dancing Shadows

Darth Sidious
Basic: Deathstroke

  • Ignoring Defense no longer prevents Critical Hits.
  • Omega: Now doubles chance to ignore Defense if target is debuffed.
  • Damage increased.

Special: Demoralizing Blows

  • Omega: Now Inflicts Expose in addition to previous bonus.
  • Damage increased.

Leader: Unlimited Power

  • Omega: +1% Critical Chance, +10% Critical Damage, Sith allies gain 2% Offense until the end of battle when they score a Critical Hit.

Darth Vader
Basic: Terrifying Swing

  • Omega: +15% Damage in addition to +15% Ability Block Chance
  • Damage increased.

Special: Force Crush

  • Damage increased.

Savage Opress
Basic: Staggering Blow

  • Now always has 50% chance to inflict Offense Down, doubled on Crit.
  • Damage increased.

Special: Overpower

  • Omega: Deal massive damage if the target has 50% Health or below, in addition to previous bonus

Leader: Pain is Weakness

  • Changed to % Defense. Defense maxes out at 75%.
  • Omega: +15% Defense and +30% Tenacity.

Unique: Brute

  • At the end of his turns, Savage dispels all debuffs from a random other Sith ally, and gains those debuffs.
  • ZETA: Gain Heal Over Time when damaged, Buff Duration + 1, +50% Turn Meter Gain Chance, Dispel all debuffs from Savage whenever he is Critically Hit
  • Whenever Savage takes damage, he gains Offense Up, Defense Up, and Heal Over Time for 2 turns and gains 30% Turn Meter. At the end of his turns, Savage Dispels all debuffs on a random other Sith ally, and gains those debuffs for 1 turn. Dispel all debuffs from Savage whenever he is Critically Hit.