No More New Content Updates For Star Wars Battlefront

It appears that Dice won’t release any more new content updates for Star Wars Battlefront. Since it’s no longer a secret that Battlefront 2 is in the works, it’s not really a big chock, but at least we now got an official confirmation on it, as EA Star Wars tweeted out: “There are currently no plans to add any new content updates to Star Wars Battlefront. ”

So, I guess we have to stick with the game as it is,  until the sequel is out later this year.

The Battlefront sequel from EA will be out in late 2017 and it will have a single player campaign and content from more than just the original trilogy timeline. It should have more content than the aforementioned 2015 video game.

The last DLC pack came out back in December 2016 to coincide with the Rogue One movie.