What Do Gamers Want from SWTOR?

With the countdown to SWTOR going strong, we find ourselves discussing why we are interested in the game and what we really want from this Star Wars MMO. While most everyone loves the idea of playing a Jedi, the answers go deeper when you really ask about.
Some gamers are just long time fans of the Star Wars franchise and these are the devoted groups you find willing to check out any SW theme game that comes along. Then there are those who love MMOs and are tired of the many fail MMORPGs that keep finding their way onto the market. Some of us are just looking for a great MMO that isn’t World of Warcraft.
Then there are some who want to be able to fly an spacecraft. Are you excited for the space combat? Or not interested in that at all?
Still there are more who just don’t anticipate SWTOR living up to their expectations. They want to play Star Destroyer captains, a Hutt Lord, or an Imperial in the Galactic Empire but TOR isn’t going to bring us that.
So let us know in the comments what you really want from SWTOR or what you are most looking forward to? Will TOR have what you want?