MMORPG stock market

Do you play the MMORPG stock market? Whether you play the market in the real world, or find real-world pleasures from virtual scenarios that allow you to escape from the day-to-day grind that is life, there is something to be said about the value of the MMORPG industry. 

More people are playing MMOs today than ever before. There is also a larger demographic- young and old, men and women, families, friends and couples are all playing together. There are also more types of MMORPGs than one could ever imagine. Your average fan could spend a lifetime trying them all out and still not get them all. 
From subscription based to free-to-play, action-adventure to science fiction, there are more MMORPGs to keep you happy than one could ever find the time to play. For some people, investing in a new MMO is a bit like playing the stock market. Will it live up to your expectations and pay off for you in the long run or will it flop and cost you time and money invested into it?
The tricky thing about MMOs is that you cannot always predict it properly. Just like the stock market, you can use stats, reviews, analysis, past and present history and other indicators to tell you what direction a game might take, but ultimately, you cannot be sure if you are going to like it or if it will be a success until you try it for yourself.
The MMORPG community is in a big hubbub right now over SWTOR. My great-game antennae are tingling at the mere mention of it but will it perform as well as most of us are expecting? Only time will truly tell because this is just one more game (albeit a popular one) in the MMORPG stock market.