Conquest Watch – weigthed results for second week

The second week of planetary conquest is over and all guilds are already starting to plan their strategies for the next week.  With the launch of  we had the opportunity to keep track of all battles especially the ones that in some cases were decided at the very last moments. It’s encouraging to see more and more guilds trying their hand at conquest even though the current system is heavily weighted towards bigger teams. While Bioware is fine-tuning the system, the community once more came up with its own solution.


swtor double xp week 1


We all know that certain planets offer additional invasion bonus since they’re easier to collect points. Reddit user Lusche92 came up with a solution to take this into account and created a weighted Conquest Leaderboard. Their excel spreadsheet calculates a guild’s achieved points and divides it by the average points a guild which invaded the same planet achieved.  On top of that, it also adds a planet rank score that awards 10 points for first place, 9 for second and so on.

The effort is certainly commendable and shows different ways of creating a conquest solution for SWToR – something that could potentially lead to a more balanced system.

You can view a copy of the excel spreadsheet here