SWTOR Art- Photoshopped Chiss and Mirialan


We love seeing Star Wars and SWTOR art of all types and we also love sharing it with you because we know our readers appreciate it as much as us. We stumbled across these really cool Photoshop tiles shared to Reddit by Florixia and wanted to bring them to you.

She also explains a little about how she did the photos:

“That jacket was just a white jacket I had that I photoshopped the colors on. Most of it is photoshopped besides the actual clothing. I had some makeup on by not this heavy”

We’re impressed. They’re great photos and we’d love to see her do more. What about you? Do you have any similar SWTOR-inspired art? Have you seen some great SWTOR or Star Wars Photoshops or cosplay, or any type of art you want to share with us?

Lay it on us!

Lisa Clark

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