Patch Notes – 2.4.3 – 11/15/2013

patch notes

Here are the patch notes for tomorrows maintenance:

Game Update 2.4.3 Patch Notes


  • PvP Season One! Ratings have been reset to mark the beginning of the Ranked PvP Season One. Get in there and go berserk!
  • Ranked PvP Leaderboards! Players can now visit the website to compare Solo and Group Rankings. Details under PvP
  • Character Name Renewal Program! Many previously held names have been released!
  • Subscribers are unaffected by the Name Renewal Program.
    • Preferred Status:
    • Free-to-Play:
      • Characters below level 10 that have not been played in the last 90 days are flagged for rename.
      • Characters below level 30 that have not been played in the last 180 days are flagged for rename.
      • Characters level 30 and above are unaffected.
  • If a character is flagged for rename, players can choose the name originally used if no one on the same server has chosen that name yet.


Cartel Market


  • Certain pack armor sets can now be contained in the new Supplementary Body Armor box. These boxes now contain belts, bracers, and headgear.

New Items


  • Added a new “Events” category to Collections:
    • The “Holidays” sub-category has been added and now contains all Holiday items.
    • Some items formerly located in the “Special” category have been relocated.

Flashpoints and Operations


Dread Fortress

  • In Hard Mode, Corruptor Zero now properly disables his “Concussion Mine” ability and he no longer uses it upon switching to his “Unified Beam” ability during the final phase of the encounter.
  • Grobthok now drops Unassembled Dreadforged Gloves instead of Unassembled Dreadforged Boots in 16-Player Hard Mode.*

Dread Palace

  • Dread Master Brontes no longer becomes untargetable by melee Classes during the final encounter.

Items and Economy

  • Removed the erroneous Level 3 Speeder Piloting requirement from the JA-3 Speeder.
  • Removed PvP Rating requirements from following items:
  • Effects no longer trigger simultaneously when the following relics equipped at the same time:
    • Ephemeral Mending
    • Fortunate Redoubt
    • Reactive Warding
    • Shield Amplification
    • Devastating Vengeance
    • Serendipitous Assault

Missions and NPCs


Class Missions

Sith Inquisitor

  • Giant Killer: Lord Zash has been given pronoun training such that she no longer refers to male players as female when speaking German.

Daily Area Missions


World Missions


  • Spoils to the Victor: This mission can now be completed, and Imperial players are no longer subject to death by exhaustion upon entering Lormarr Cave.


  • Crystal Ball (Republic)/First Strike (Imperial ): This mission now clearly indicates that players need to use their Personal Starship when traveling to Ilum.





  • Dread Forged and Oberon Serendipitous Assault relics now state that their effects do not stack with other Serendipitous Assault relics.