SWTOR Season 4 Ranked PvP Rewards


BioWare just announced the complete SWTOR season 4 ranked PvP rewards. Season 4 will end on April 28, 2015.

The culmination of Season 4 is fast approaching so batten down the hatches! The end of Season 4 will come with Game Update 3.2 and your rating, when the servers come down for the update, will determine which tier you are in and what rewards you receive. The higher your tier the more booty you will plunder!

Just like in previous seasons, the Highest Earned rating that determines the tier you are in – not Current – so no need to feel like you are risking Rating by going after the next tier up! To see your Highest Earned Rating, check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI. Please note that the Rating displayed on the Leaderboards are the Current Ratings, not Highest Earned. Once Season 4 has come to an end and all Ratings have been reset, the Season 4 Leaderboards will be archived off so you can always reference who was tops in previous seasons.


The Black-Silver Striated Crystal Lockbox is a Ranked Reward that will be available (and only available) in future Ranked Seasons. If you miss out on it the Black-Silver Lockbox this season you and your compatriots can attempt for it next season!

Are you dashing enough to commandeer Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter? Get the crew back together for one last hurrah or dare the solo queue and prove your worth!

May the Force be with you! Happy hunting!

-The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ PvP Team

Following this announcement,  Alex Modny started a discussion thread over at the official forums:

Season 4 Reward Blog Discussion Thread | 03.18.2015, 04:12 PM

Hey all,
As you have noticed by the reward table in the reward blog there are a few changes we’ve made for Season 4. Our thought process for these changes is such that it should lead to a better player experience and we hope that we accomplished that. Please post your feedback and let us know what you think! Now let’s look at the specific changes for the Season 4 rewards!

* Black-Silver Color Crystal lockbox – The lockbox is setup like the color crystal lockbox from last season; two crystals each of the four (+41) stat types. The notable difference is that this lockbox is going to be a staple reward every season to give players a staple reward to go after season after season. However, one pitfall we saw last season was that players saw a low-hanging fruit reward and wanted it so bad that they were willing to jump into Ranked head first, sometimes without looking where they were jumping beforehand. That caused many frustrations in solo queue. To alleviate this, the Seasonal crystal lockbox will be given out to Tier 3 (Bronze) players in the group queue only.

* Minimum rating for Tier 3 (Bronze) – It is our thinking that this change will discourage players from coasting through their first 10 games to get a rating just to get their bronze rewards. The floor may change in the future but based on what we’ve seen this season and previous seasons it is a good start to give incentive to not coast through. If it doesn’t fulfill the goals of providing incentive not to coast to rewards then we will adjust the ratings accordingly or enact other measures.

* Golds get everything Silvers get, Silvers get everything Bronze gets – Don’t like the way the gold frame on your trophy clashes with your rug? The Bronze title flows with your name better? No worries in Season 4 (and onward unless feedback dictates otherwise) whatever tier you place in you will get the rewards of the previous tier. Huzzah!

* Advanced Class names are back for Top96! – We heard your feedback from Season 3, hope you like these ones!
We hope you enjoy the rewards and getting a little swashed and a little buckled to get them! Enjoy the rest of Season 4!

Happy Hunting and Cheers!